Mirrors (3rd & final attempt)

Listen. I have to tell you that this was a very hard one to write, and it ultimately took me three attempts and a missed due date, in order to record something “post-able” to the general public.

The third volley is the one shown below, but you can find both the first and the second attempts right here.

A caveat: While I feel very confident about the readability of these earlier efforts, they could be taken much more as personal than mere fiction. And, since there are those who would do ill with these words, had they the access, I do have this other post password protected. Simply email me (troypea@ymail.com) with your blog address in the subject line however, and I’ll be glad to get you in. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy all three…

Copyright - Douglas M. MacIlroy

Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

From the other side of the mirror, he turned away. Expunging any tears remaining, he donned his wings just prior to taking Flight.

A flight delayed because he’d felt somehow obligated to “go down with the ship,” dismissing the idea only when he realized, the damned thing had no reason to sink in the first. No, it was being actively drowned, through an angered force of will emanating from the opposing side of said-same mirror.

Looking once more at the demise being created there, he heard the vast horizon of Rebirth once again calling to him, and finally he flew.


This has been yet another 100 Word Song and Friday Fictioneers mash-up, and the song was chosen by Deana: “Mirrors,” by my future husband, Justin Timberlake.

PS: Best of luck to all my Bloggin’ Tribe having fun at BlogHer ’13! I hope to see you all at next years shindig, so save me a shrimp or two, would ya?


54 thoughts on “Mirrors (3rd & final attempt)

    • Honestly Janet, I normally try to find the “non-videoed” version of songs I post, but I always make the exception with 100 Word Song, and use the same link as Leeroy for that.

      I’m glad I could provide some cardio for your grey cells, and thank you for coming over =)

  1. My first thought was of Icarus… I hope I spelled that correctly. But I also thought of just the regular revolution of the horizon mirrored in whatever water there was to view it from.

    Thanks for visiting the Vamp piece. Pure fiction that.

    • I suppose there’s an element of him (not daring to spell incorrectly!) in this, but I’m hopeful that my character won’t suffer the same fate as he.

      I’m pretty sure not, as these wings feel much more real than wax =)

      • I commented on the page where the other two versions of this is posted. I now understand the story a bit better. The demise of a relationship and not of a person. And the friend I mentioned answered a call. She’s fine now. Whew!

  2. Dear Troy,

    An evocative piece. Loved the hopeful ending. As for 3 attempts….never do I post a first draft. Usually what I post is the fourth or fifth draft. But it’s the writing process that I find exhilarating.



  3. As another commenter mentioned, this is a complex piece — and I admit that I read it a few times to get my sleepy brain going. I like how your story creates a spiritual feeling, of taking flight and rebirth after a demise. Really good stuff here.

    • Much thanks Zookie, and sorry for any undue mental strain =) I really think that this piece is missing the other two, for a full(er) understanding of the circumstances. I’m glad you liked my efforts!

    • Much thanks! And as I mentioned to Rochelle, it seems odd that there’s so much work that goes into a mere 100(ish) words, right? Still, I look forward to it each and every week!

    • I think he decided upon the direction that would safely lead him one day to his new Home. The one he was being called to all along. One that only occasionally played ABBA!

  4. great story. it takes great courage to write about something so real..that, in itself, is admirable. would be happy to read the first two drafts :)

  5. Troy, there is a lifetime of story contained in that 2nd paragraph. I think a lot of people will be able to relate with it for different reasons. Life is all about dodging the punches (sometimes steeling for them), adapting when things get deep and murky and picking up the pieces and moving forward. Sometimes the pieces are pretty damn small, but forward is the only direction because there is no back.

  6. I appreciate the dedication to getting it right,,,,lol

    Really like those last two lines and I’m glad I’m not the only music snobbish dude who digs JT.

    great 100

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