Down So Long…

Recommended by Seablackwithink, I decided upon trying a new 100 Word-style challenge, hosted by Red and known as “Flash In The Pan” (FTP).

Since it’s a new exercise for me, I used the opportunity to go just a hair to the left of my normal comfort zone (the prompt is “Down,” and I opted for an emotional direction instead of a physical one). Please be advised, the following deals with a subject matter that some might find distasteful.

As always, please let me know your thoughts and critiques, and please visit the FTP link above to read more entries.

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

Defeated, the ropes dangled from the bedpost. Ignored by the wrists that could not be constrained by them alone.

The lotions, the collar, the paddle – all sat idly nearby, achingly unused. Desolate.

The body, naked and shivering, laid curled up fetal, dead center of the bed. In appearance much more deceased than alive, sans the singular tear, slowly jogging its way down the cheek, to the bridge of an unkissed lip.

Kept from contentment, this had given up on ever being touched in that way again.

Down for so long, the owner of this body hoped for it no more.


28 thoughts on “Down So Long…

  1. Trying to tell us something? ;)

    the image of that tear “slowly jogging” hit me square in the middle, it was violently vivid.

    I think whether it’s our bodies, our inhibitions, our desires or just our hearts (souls) when we are feeling low, dead inside, ignored…we yearn to be tweaked and urged back into life. Your words plead for that.

    this was very good.

    • Hehehe =)

      I was hoping to take a lifestyle that most would find abhorrent to some degree, and inject it with the humanity which must also be a part.

      To be unable to find another who feels as you do, who loves as you do, this would be a disappointment I think only bested by believing you’ve found someone of kindred spirit, only to realize that they had lied.

      Make sense?

      • it makes PERFECT sense. I agree.
        that is why this is such a good expression of that, to be able to find yourself in someone else, or even inside yourself.

  2. Im glad you went in the emotional direction…(as is my usual writing style)
    When others write in a personal or emotional fashion… I find myself easily emotionally effected, compassionately. It is a difficult way of writing however if emotion is evoked in others then consider it special.
    I’ m glad you joined in:)

  3. T,
    Dom/sub is emotional for both parties involved. Am I right in assuming we don’t know which one of them was left with a broken heart? It may not make sense to ‘normal’ people, but a broken heart beats all the same, even when a paddle and handcuffs are involved.

    The part that evoked the most emotion in me are the singular tear and the song itself. Of course, you know sad lyrics always break my sparkly heart…..


    • I’m glad it came through as such sis! And I left that part obscure, as I didn’t feel it mattered whether they were dom or sub, because you’re right, both can have their hearts broken.

      • “Although he assumed she’d naturally submit to him, he obviously believed she was still her own person. A strong person.”
        ― Cherise Sinclair, Breaking Free

  4. again, when you make me like something dark, edgy, and wrong, then that’s great writing

    favorite line – the second one. That’s a Hemingway line that he’d be jealous of.

    • Thanks man, I appreciate that your support in projects like this. I’m thinking of maybe digger deeper like this in the future, to further explore the human element that is all around us, but never really spoken of. I’m glad the writing stood up to the nerves concerning hitting the “post” button =)

    • Thanks Tess =)

      I thought I would give it a go, as I’m tired of “playing safe” in front of an audience who knows I’m better than that – you know? You are one of the ones who taught me that, in fact.

  5. I actually was surprised with the direction you took, to the point where I had to go check out the comments to make sure I was ‘reading’ it right. I am a firm believer of love all ways, always and you created a sense of normalcy for what some would deem abnormal and broke my heart with the single tear

    • There were a couple of writers whom I really hoped would like this, and you were one. As I mentioned to Lance, it’s in my noodle to look under more rocks in future posts – I’d love to know your thoughts on that idea *waving pinky finger and thumb to the side of my face* “Call me!”

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  7. The darker side of Spaces is definitely on the move with this fine effort my friend, I will call again soon and take a journey through your world of blogging, and do keep flashing, with this calibre of writing you should be an instant success :)


      • Yes I apologise for that slip, it is only my second visit into your blog so I am unaware of the time that you have been flashing. Actually my first visit here was directly from Red’s M3 Space where you left a link in the Green Room, I should have mentioned that earlier.

        Have a good day today my friend :)


        • No need to apologize Gray – I’m glad that you stopped by and cared enough to leave me the message!

          And who knows, what seems like a forever event to happen now, may someday be looked back upon as taking only a second or two, to occur =)

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