Briefly… Uncertainty



Shouldn’t I be flying or something? I mean, really? A ladder?


God… Wait, I can’t just say that anymore, can I? I might actually get a response now…


Yeah, like He’s gonna be on a ladder.


Just like Him. Still gotta make ya work, even after you’re


Wonder if she’ll be there.


Betcha she flew. Always so saintly, so “touched.” Betcha she’s waiting for me.


I should go right back down.


But why? I mean, what’s to be uncertain of now?


Oh hell, there’s nothing left. No more holding on.


Stupid ladder.


That last bit, by the way, would have been joyfully included, had either the 100 Word Song or Friday Fictioneers prompts pulled from today, mandated a total word count of 100 and 2.

The only thing that Life guarantees us is an end to it all. What we do from start till finish is then pretty much left up to us. I am still finding my way, and I know that many of you are in the same boat. It’s a good boat to be in – much better than the one filled with the folk who think that they’ve already figured it all out. Grab an oar dears, shall we, and then let’s paddle on!


This week’s song was chosen by Melissa: “Uncertainty” by The Fray

57 thoughts on “Briefly… Uncertainty

  1. the moment I think it’s all figured out is the moment I know that another ladder is waiting for me.

    keep STEPPIN’ :)

  2. The image of the ladder makes me think of the Catholic idea of purgatory…all these people on their ladders, trying to get to the top and into heaven. (I don’t imagine they really believe in ladders for this, individual or otherwise, but that’s always how I pictured it, even though I don’t believe in purgatory.)


    • I think you’ve come very close to the truth of it, Janet. Always “works” over mercy, ingrained in R.C.’s from a very young age – some of us apparently, much more than others =)

  3. that’d be a huge problem for those who die really old, arthritis and everything… :) i always enjoy the dialogues that you write. and i really like how you presented this piece. ^^

  4. Troy,
    Are you familiar with the song, “Rope Ladder to the Moon,” recorded by Jack Bruce shortly after Cream broke up?
    As for me, I’m hoping for an escalator. All that climbing seems a little slow and cumbersome. Enjoyed your take on the prompt.

  5. Troy, You are so magnificent at dialogues…Love the visual and emotional “step” to your story! I even like you finished at 102 words….I would have felt cheated at 100!

  6. sometimes there is nothing better than that immediate swooping sensation after a leap of faith into open air, be at an abyss or just thinking there’s one more step at the top of a ladder ;)

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