Hell Bent For The 80’s

In the final analysis, the 80’s were to see (2) distinctly different me’s (neither of which got laid, until damned near decade’s end) which is odd, considering that 2013 finds me in very much the same utterless boat.

But during the 80’s, 2013 was too far off, and much more about flying spaceships (and getting laid as a result) than anything else. So seeing as I had my tape recorder, and Snortin’ Norton with his “Mu-Mu-Mu-Metal Shopppp…!” Metal Shop broadcasting at midnights to help me along, we’ll just stick to what I knew back then, OK?

As has so often occurred, the decade began with me trying to “find my way.” And seeing as Liberace was considered far too “old folk” at the time, my way went a little something like this:

Now to be sure, “Hell Bent For Leather” was and is, my Priest jam of choice, but this comes in at a CLOSE second, AND unlike the former, it was 80’s as hell. So there.

Here was another “80’s as hell” ticket, on the metal front:

Now if I could, Dio would be my personal Metal Drag Momma, similar to Marian and k~ being my Blog Drag Momma’s (that’s right ladies, you’d be drag momma’s along with Ronnie James – pretty awesome, right?) But – with their perfect blend of speed, weight and nihilism – it would eventually be these boys, who were the ones to trip my metal ragings into full speed:

Which of course leads us to Maiden, as I can’t hear that last track without immediately thinking of possibly The BEST metal tune of all time. Yes, I mean that. Listen, and you’ll agree:

“Hey t, that places us at (4), when (5) is required. Are you gonna share (1) more?”

Two, in fact.

What? Everyone else does…

For #5, I will go to a cover – yet another in a long line of covers that bested the original by ten fold. Made by some poor kids hoping for a chance they never truly got, this lil dittie would go on to best the original, to the point where many would forget that there ever was one in the first – here’s the boys from Quiet Riot, doing it right:

Yes, from here I could also go on to regale you with tunes from acts such as Twisted Sister, Def Leppard, and any number of other metal and/or hair bands. But even in their midst, already a new troy was emerging, and the segway between the Metal me and the Next me, was coaxed (rather accidentally) along by strange new sounds like the following…

The 80’s.

I didn’t get laid until damned near the decades end.

But who cares?

Coming in Pt 2 – the shit that would eventually make me what I am. Or what I was. Or what I might someday be… Or whatever


I hope you liked my entry for this week’s Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday. Please drop in and play along, because honestly, I could spend about a month’s worth of posts on the music of this decade; so your assistance in exploring the musical landscape of the time (sans any mention of Kenny G or Yanni of course) is appreciated!


42 thoughts on “Hell Bent For The 80’s

  1. Bit longer in the tooth than you are. I was still clinging to the 70s in the 80s. I kept my love of metal Rainbow, not Dio thanks very much, Uriah Heep, the Dictators (still love them) but I was dabbling with Duran Duran, TalkTalk, Thompson Twins, early house, Talking Heads whiteboy funk
    I know, a hopeless case.

  2. I love every one of your metal picks and so glad to see someone else put some Priest on their list! And that’s my favorite Dio (even over Holy Diver).

    • Stupid story. A couple of Halloweens ago Ian (my youngest) and I decided that he was going to go out as Ronnie James Dio, and, assuming that no one would catch the reference, he was going to hang back, so that when asked who he was supposed to be, he could belt out, “I’m the last in Liiiiine!!!!”

      Sadly, his Whovian genes took over, and he ultimately decided to be a Weeping Angel instead.

        • Agreed! And as creepy as they are, there have been times in my life where I’d wished on would just touch me already, so I could shoot waaaaaay back for a “do-over” of sorts =)

  3. During the 80’s while you were crankin’ out the metal, I was lulled by rhythm and blues, 50’s 45’s, and an occasional visit through what is now known as classic rock… wait! … does that make me a classic? Oh, so be it then, a classic I am.

    Interesting to see what has shaped you t~

  4. I like how varied the decade was. There was good stuff and crap. There was unsusual stuff and derivative drivel.

    Judas Priest is very underrated, as is Iron Maiden. Metal gets bad rap, the early kinds, like priest and maiden did it right.

    good list

    • Dude, right? I literally could almost devote an entire blog to the subject. AND, I haven’t even spoke about Live Aid yet!

      I was sure you dig Priest n’ Maiden, as they were much more “80’s” to me than a lot of the acts that usually wear the crown in that regards.

      Can’t wait to see what you brung to the table!

  5. Exactly what Lance said. Such a varied musical buffet to be grazed upon in the 80s.Some really crazy s$&t and some sublime ear candy!

  6. ‘cellent selection! What a weird, bi-polar Decade.

    What the hell does it say about a culture that sees Madonna and Motley Crue and Al Di Meola all produce amazing (within their respective genres) work?

    I gravitated to the ‘giant guitar’ end of the musical spectrum for most of the 80’s… so I would have listened to all of your picks up there.
    Of course, the weird thing about music is that, in my opinion, if you really enjoy music, you will be aware of ‘all of it’ even the stuff you hate. So while I have never bought a Madonna… record (? nah) tape? CD! yeah a CD! I would recognize most of her hits in the opening bars.

    I probably shouldn’t be surprised, but, I have come to appreciate a much broader range of musical style, with the passing of time. Maybe it’s just boredom with what is being played on the increasingly limited playlists on commercial radio*, but I find that I will enjoy songs that I would have switched stations on at an earlier time in my life.

    Look forward to next week for all of us… these first of 2 parts usually are the low-hanging cultural fruit. I know I will be digging through the song lists for the songs that I know I will say, ‘damn! I haven’t heard that in what, 20 years?’

    * this cannot be said enough, ‘during their pledge weeks, send what money you can to whatever college radio station exists in your area.’

    • I loved it – the “big hot mess do whatever you feel like doing cause something is bound to stick” mess of it! It truly was, for me, an awakening of sorts.

      Damn, next week I may very need to make (2) entries to keep within the 5 song max…

  7. Best opening paragraph! You’re funny! I’m so glad I am totally new to this and didn’t read anyone’s posts before, it would have been that much more difficult to come out as a Careless Whisper lover to all of you cool kids.

  8. Well 80’s part 2 Troy and I may have crossed paths at a show, 80’s part 1 Troy and I probably shared a cigarette freezing our asses off outside school in “the pit.” Dude, never pegged you for a metalhead! Haven’t even thought of DIO for what? 20 years or so?? MAN…memories of guys. That’s what this list was. Fab.

    • Jen, m’dear, there’s probably a couple of things you never pegged me for – hope I don’t scare you off the show floor next week…!

      As always, thanks for digging my scene =)

    • Wow – I never realized that till you just mentioned it Kath! Odd to look back now and see the road that would be, already starting to form back then…

      Music: bully, friend, bad influence and teacher. Where would we be without it, right?

  9. I found Metal in the late 80’s because of my step-brother. He used to listen to Heavy Metal and I remember plugging my ears…then…Guns N Roses. Ah, love. I was the only 4th grader I knew with a guns n’ roses t-shirt! When I was pregnant with my 1st child, my husband made a slide show of the ultrasound images with the song, “Sweet Child o’ Mine.” Enjoyed reading your choices. Love DIO too!

  10. Musical journeys… we were on different tracks, but always fascinating to see the role of music in lives. It’s helped me through so much, and nice to see how it has helped others as well.

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