The one thing they never told me, see, was that living forever is NOT the same thing as being forever young.

Yeah, that vampire-esque fairy tale of eternal youth and adventure, well it’s all crap. You may *live* forever, but that doesn’t stop you from aging. No. And you’ll be there for the final curtain, all well and good. But you’ll be a bag of bones by then, unable to even applaud, as He makes every last actor on the stage take their bows.

Shoulda read the fine print on that one, I suppose. Stupid-ass demons snowed me, man.

So yeah, now I’m stuck here. In the shadows. Forever. Oh, I know everything, and I could change the world with all the knowledge I’ve got. Stuff that multiple lifetimes of experience have taught me. But instead, I’m a monster. A freak. A side-show gem. I sound like a crazed old man fresh outta meds, and look even worse. Like hell. I think there was a reason Jesus checked out at 33 – it’s cuz people just don’t trust the elderly, not even a lick.

And that’s what I’m gonna be. Forever.

I know that at some point my body will break. Just like all the rest. Hell, I saw my love die in the same way – I saw my Love die! Do you get that? Do you understand the pain of watching her disintegrate before me? Soon, my body will, well, it’s also gonna crumble under its own weight; just like hers did. But I’ll be present and accounted for, for every last snap, yes sir. And I’ll be breathing afterwards still.

Stupid-ass demons snowed me. I shoulda read the fine print.

So I’m writing this down, see? Just for you. Just in case. Should ever a pretty little thing come along and ask you if you want eternal life, you just look her straight in her devilish fairy tale eyes, and you tell that bitch, “Hell no! Who wants to live forever?”

You tell her that, see? You tell her, and then you just keep on walking. You keep right on walking, and you die happy. For me.OK?


This special “Sunday edition”post is brought to you by the good folks over at Daily Prompt, and by my occasional desire to just “check out.”

25 thoughts on “Forever?

  1. Oh….so good! Excellent post! There must be a tribe or something that reveres oldness. We gotta find it. (When we’re old of course, until then let’s stay with the sweet power of youth!)

  2. Now that’s my kind of vampire story! The thing is, we probably can stay young, but we didn’t get the info on that part of the story. Danged demons!

  3. and here’s me who never reads the fine print. like in all those things online, clicking here means you’ve read the terms. I may have sold my soul a hundred times by now. at least I know I will have plenty of company.

    you have a weird mind… what scares me is I understand it somewhat. nicely done.

  4. To be breathing even after you’re broken. How awful that would be. I used to fear death. It’s the not living out loud that I fear most of all now.

  5. I’ve been known to sign things without asking any questions…

    but I don’t need to live forever, I just need to LIVE WELL as long as I can.

    I loved the end…how you implore us to think before we do. ;)

    • =) “To learn from your mistakes is good, to learn from other people’s mistakes, is much better!”

      ~ Richard Stover, Sr. (told to me as I was boarding my flight to Marine Corps boot camp, lovely Parris Island.)

  6. Yeah, who wants to live forever? Loving, living happy and even dying together with the loved one sounds better. And for the vampires I have some nice garlic remedies to put them to rest (Romanian Transylvanian style, my homeland, hehehe…)- just because. =)))

  7. The moment you told that bitch “Who wants to live forever?” I immediately associated that with Queen’s song and right I was when I scrolled down to see it, aha! Well, sounds like Gilgamesh outta hear about this ahah!

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