Briefly… I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today

copyright - Indira by way of Scott Vanatter

copyright – Indira by way of Scott Vanatter

Think I’m gonna throw up…


I think I’m gonna…

Well, don’t do it HERE!

Then pull over.

I can’t! We’re gridlocked in traffic. Just open the door. No one will notice…



What happened? You’re not drunk already, are you?

No, just nervous.

Listen, understanding it’s your wedding, this sort of thing does happen almost every day.

But not to ME!

OK honey, I know. But when two men love each other like you and Dave do, well, it’s just natural, you know?

I know.

It’ll be all right darling. No rain today, OK?

OK dad. No rain today.


Even in the worst of times, Love prevails. This is a very special mash-up for me, between 100 Word Song and Friday Fictioneers – along with inspiration from k~ over at Bloggit Write – in celebration of the death of DOMA. In celebration of the victory of Love.

Mind you, I’m none to sure why gay folk would want to get married. But in a growing number of states waking up to the truth, they at least now the right to make the same mistake as the rest of us; and the right to make mistakes is a beautiful thing…

This week’s song was chosen by some crazy Darin fan (I know, they’re ALL crazy!): “I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today” by Robert Walden Cassotto

53 thoughts on “Briefly… I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today

  1. now that is one beautiful day…with no rain. ;)

    I absolutely love this song, although I had never heard Bobby do it. My favorite cover of it is Bette Midler’s from BEACHES. But for 2 decades now it’s been in constant rotation in my life.


    • I’m glad you liked it Janet. I would invite you to give Mr. Darin a listen, as he pretty much covered every style imaginable. All of them done well.

  2. Love the vignette, T…and the song is one of my favourites. Hadn’t heard Bobby Darin’s version, knowledge began with the original Randy Newman version.

    Take care,


    • Thanks Casey. I’m usually not a fan of Randy’s work, but what Bobby does to this tune just makes my heart cry every time I hear it, so I’m glad I could share it.

  3. Not that I’d want to sign on again, because one relationship across near 3 decades is enough for one lifetime… but I’ve known too many of my dyke sistren who yearned for the right to be with their partner in a way society likes to recognise as worthy. This is not for me, but for they. It is the reason I’ve spoken to college classes on gender… for those who come next.

    • You and me both Nelle! But to those who do, it’s good to know that marriage will be judged more by love, than by fear and mere compatible body parts.

  4. Wonderful that you were inspired by the recent event of the downing of DOMA for your story. And that’s very nice advice given by the dad. Great line about their love being natural.

  5. Still chuckling from Perry’s comment. I really enjoyed this, Troy. My daughter married another gal. Not exactly what I envisioned when she was a toddler, but if she’s happy that’s all that matters.

    • Weddings (especially those you aren’t paying for) can be wonderful! And lest I sound too jaded, should both parties place the other before themselves, marriages can be as well =)

  6. Troy, you warm my heart with your words all the time. The dialogue is great, the inspiration melds with a timeless moment of history that now belongs to us all. I hope the changes make people that really want to tie that knot, also bring them a bit of sunshine. (but I still like the rain ;-)

    • Thank you!

      And hopefully, as the “John Wayne” bull shit of our culture continues to be disassembled, we’ll start to see a change in that as well =)

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