228 Words Plus A Sentence

They call me scrapper.


They call me scrapper.

Now why in the fuck would they call you that?

Don’t know. Just do.

Well, hell, Ain’t nothing scrappy ‘bout you. When’d they start?

Start what?

Start calling ya that, “Scrapper?”

Not sure.

Did ya used to get into fights?


Wear rags?


Wear rags? Did your clothes used to be all tattered n’ such?

Ha-ha, no.

Damdendst thing then, them calling you that. Sheez, “scrapper.”


Hey, did ya ever happen to ask them where they got the name from?


Well, why not?

Well, cuz they was all in my head anyway.

Now wait a… WHAT?

Yeah, they was all in my head anyway.


The folk that done called me that. They was all living up in my head, see?

Well now, why in the hoot didn’t’ you tell me that before?

Don’t know.

Don’t know??

Don’t know.

Well I’ll be…

Yep. So ya see, asking them why they called me that would be just like asking me, I suppose.

Well… there is that. A whole ball a fuck if ya ask me, but there is that. So, did you ask you?

Sure did.


And what?

And whadya answer with, DAMMIT?

Whelp, all that I could really come up with was what they said at the start.

You mean, your answer was…

Yep, just that, “they call me scrapper.”



It’s not often that a prompt comes along so perfectly suited to aid me in my long(ish) term goal of using it at both the beginning and the end of the story. This week’s entry for Master Class 2013 finally(ish) realizes that dream. I hope you enjoyed this little trip down the Southernmost section of the rolling trail of the unexpected, and I hope y’all come back now, ya here?

Now, here’s another scrapper. One with a similar problem…

23 thoughts on “228 Words Plus A Sentence

  1. I love your voices. the accents flavored the story and I heard 2 distinct voices in my head as I read. Thoroughly enjoyable, especially the end. “Did you ask yourself?” Haha.

    • So glad you liked it k~, and of course you’re right! I totally failed to wrap it up so that the questioner was also just one more of the voices within “Scrapper.” I’ll keep that in mind for next time!

  2. Hahaha, ridiculous and awesome, I loved it. We all want to be called Scrapper at some point and since you’re not allowed to choose your own nicknames, might as well create it inside :)

    • Thank you so much! I went back to my days living in the south, and read it aloud several times in the hopes that I would get the correct flavor. I’m glad it worked!

  3. Most times when people write like you just did with only the speech, it falls flat and is very confusing. But, like SAM said, there are two distinct voices there and you did a hell of a job showing them both. Very cool, man.

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