There Is A Light That Never Goes Out…

Busy “move in to my new flat, try to rebuild a life in 48 hours or less” weekend left me no time to play pretend writer wannabe.


Here’s a picture instead.


18 thoughts on “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out…

  1. You’re not a writer wannabe. You are a writer.
    Remember Neil Gaiman’s response to us readers “George RR Martin is not your bitch” I know you’re awesome writing will return in due time. Just take care in the meantime!!

  2. This is going to be your “writing pad”. The enemy won’t be swarming and peace is only welcome there…as well as laughter, silliness, kindness, love and the yet to be played board game for “It’s a Wonderful Life”. :)

    • YES! You so owe me!

      And no worries – there are no enemies. Only those who get me, and those who don’t. And the members in the second camp are few. And missing out =)

  3. You know why we would make really great “in real life” friends? Because we’d sit around whining about how we were writers wannabes, then write like real writers.

    There’s a connection of ridiculousness there that I admire.

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