And Life Moves On…

Now listen hear, all you pantie bunchers!

Before you go off and get your britches all in a – well – whatever it is you get them into, understand this. While I do, as a normal habit, seek inspiration from real life for my writing, the following 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups tale is (mostly) fictional.

I couldn’t previously do so, due to its PG rating, but I’ve been wanting to partake in this challenge for quite some time, and finally decided this week to refrain from swears, in order to give ‘er a go. I hope I didn’t screw it up.

Please let me know what you think!


• And Life Moves On… •

 She’s working topless shots now, you know.


Yeah. “Artistic photos” she calls ‘em.

More like porn?

Mmmm… Soft-core maybe.


Ain’t ya upset?

Not my concern anymore. She told me my place, and it sure as hell wasn’t with her.

I did love her, you know.


And now?

Not really. N’damned if that don’t hurt more than the gut-punch of her telling me our “love story” was over. Just seems a never-ending gush of new hurt, heaped on toppa hurt already there.

But I shoulda known, there’s always a sting in the tale.


Hey. Did you know? Romanian for “amen” is “amin?”




Click right here to hear the non-PG rating song I wanted to use for this post, or simply enjoy Bobby’s take below. Or both.


10 thoughts on “And Life Moves On…

  1. I thought ‘hell’ was technically a swear :0 otherwise, their voices were great, I could hear the cadence/tones perfectly. I kind of thought it was a little uplifting at the end, actually, because when you realize that you’re not in love is when you can start getting over it.

    • Exact-a-mundo, m’dear! Both on the uplift, AND on my sneaking “hell” in under the wire of the censors… until you had to go lip-flappin’, of course =)

  2. I thought you said it wasn’t going to be G-rated….Kidding! You are so damn gifted. I now want you to start writing plays, pleeeeese! You would be so so so so so successful!!!!

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