And then THIS happened…

Yesterday, I saw a new icon on my notification tab. Well; I thought it was a new icon at any rate. Clicking on it, I realized that I actually had seen it before, exactly one-year prior in fact, as the following popped into existence…

Picture 5

That’s right. As of the 27th of May, this lil blog of mine is now two years old. And to celebrate, I got it nothing.

Abso-freakin’-lutely nothing.

No special posts written, no photos taken, no quotes retrieved. No reviews readied, nor songs chosen. Nothing. Hell, I didn’t even realize that its anniversary was coming due.

What kind of ass am I?

I mean, over the past two years, “As Long As…” has allowed me to share with you my father’s passing, my children’s growth, the struggles I’ve had with my faith, the recent and unexpected death of my 17 year marriage, the oft time battles I’ve had with depression, and of course the efforts that have stock-piled, resulting from my dreams of one day becoming a pretend writer of some sort.

Starting with just one follower – my bestest friend ever whom I’ve never met – this kid has grown slowly to a little over 230 more of you since. And I am as grateful to you all, as I am questioning of your literary taste… More importantly though, since its inception “As Long As…” has provided me with peace and solace during my dark hours. A place to scream, bitch, bemoan, play and flex my mental muscles and – to my albeit grateful surprise – it has brought me strong friendships that have only grown, as the challenges of life have become harder, though eventually overcome. In short, this blog has given me more than a lot of living, breathing people I know have.

And I didn’t even realize that its anniversary was coming due.

What kind of ass am I?

Hey you, As Long As I’m Singing, thank you my friend. I appreciate it… all of it.

As I noted previously, I didn’t have an applicable quote, nor a song chosen for this event. You know, in part because I totally forgot that this event was even to be an event. But I figured the following two will work well enough. The quote, simply because it’s about the truest thing I’ve ever read, and something I am coming to believe. And the song because, as you are an apple that fell pretty close to its somewhat creative tree, I feel it’s a good choice to describe how I feel about us both.

Happy 2nd, As Long As I’m Singing. Here’s to year 3 =)


“Bad things can happen,

and often do–

but they only take up a few pages of your story;

and anyone can survive a few pages.”

~ James A. Owen

32 thoughts on “And then THIS happened…

  1. Happy Anniversary t’s blog. I just celebrated my third and like you, forgot until wordpress told me. I’m glad I’ve beena round for about 1 1/2 years of your great writing.

  2. Don’t feel bad, I have two and don’t know when I started either one, nor do I ever look at the number of posts I’ve done. I know it’s more than 100 and less than a billion, but it just never mattered all that much. I think what goes in it is a little more important than how long or how often. You, my friend ain’t doing half bad. btw… happy anniversary.

  3. Look at your blog, getting so BIG !

    I love that I’ve found your little piece of the internet, your writing, your humanness, your creativity deserves an outlet like this one.

    will there be cake??? :)

  4. Happy Anniversary to you my dear brother. You’re the peas to my carrots and the yin to my yang. I long to sit beside you one of these days and share an iPod. We won’t need to speak. Just nod our heads, mouth the lyrics and smile at each other.

    What would I do without you? I hope I never have to find out…

    Love, Renee

  5. Happy bloggiversary! Blogger never tells me about things like that, I have to remember them myself. Another instance of the superiority of WordPress?

  6. Happy Anniversary my friend!…But given the occasion I need to give you my “two cents.” I’m a true believer (for it has been proven to me) we only think situations are sad/bad/don’t want (for we would never ask for any of it)…Come to find out, throws us on the self improving adventures road of happy/good/do want/self improved/more awareness/second chances and delivers us directly to Ahhhhh such an Awesome Life!!!!

  7. Well shoot! If would have known your blog shared my birthday I would have been here lighting a couple of candles and wishing “As Long As I’m Singing” a Happy Birthday. I didn’t have cake even though I love cake. I asked for low key this year. I’m not fond of the yearly trudge lately.

    • I appreciate that Deb, and understanding your aversion to the trudge as of late, I hope your birthday was all sorts of low key wonderful, sans the cake of course =)

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