Are You Gonna Go My Way?

I liked this one.

I can’t be too sure that many more will. I hope you do, but you know, they can’t all be zingers.

Friday Fictioneers, HO!!!


Copyright – Danny Bowman


Ain’t no flippin’ way you’re Jesus. That’s bullcrap!

Then why’d you answer? Weren’t you just now asking for some sort of sign; that I’d “call you?”

Well, yeah… but a phone?

Look, the device is obviously defunct. Inoperable. You’re pretty dense Dave, and I had to get through. Plus, I thought you might also enjoy the spectacle of it all.

I suppose…

I have been talking to you your whole life. You get that, right? You just never listened.




So, do I need to perform these asinine tricks anymore?

No, we’re good.

Good. Now hang up and go your wash your hands. That thing is filthy.


41 thoughts on “Are You Gonna Go My Way?

  1. oh how I wish it was that easy, that He’d just give me a call, a word of wisdom.
    But deep down I know He’s going to say, “I’ll been trying for years lady!”

    Like it? Five stars. Creative, funny, thought provoking, honest.

  2. God bless Lenny Kravitz. I liked the story, too. From personal experience, I’ve found that if I’m not paying attention to the things I need to be paying attention to, Life does tend to catch me with a phone upside the head. Or a brick. Metaphorically speaking… mostly. Also, I think it’s kind of ironic that you chose a song by a guy who is half-Jewish (ethnically if not religiously) to contextualize a story about Jesus calling on the telephone. Was that intentional?

    • Indeed, and indeed. As for the choice of Lenny, I had heard awhile back (maybe incorrectly?) that the song itself was built around Jesus asking the question that Lenny sang in the chorus. After I slapped down my 100, it seemed the natural choice based on this. So I guess, yes. Intentional as charged =)

      • lol! I have to admit, my interest in Mr. Kravitz is more carnal than biographical, so I am by no means a worthy source. I do recall reading that, when he was married to ethnically/religiously Jewish actress Lisa Bonet, his family practiced Orthodoxy on the high holidays – scandalous among the few Jewish people in my small town who preferred a little less melanin with their matzohs. Either way, great song!

  3. I absolutely loved the story… and Lenny’s song… Actually it’s not easy to write something to go with the picture, but your being clever is a permanent gift, not just a moment… Well done! =)

  4. ha, what is up with the cuteness I’ve been reading today? it’s like the world is determined not to let me sulk about the weather turning to crap again :) loved it, and the last line was laugh out loud funny

  5. I totally loved this! I understand as well. Seems we all do. I think I read somewhere that God (or Jesus if you like) is prepared to meet humankind halfway by magic if He/She must.Well done!

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