I am not going to even try to tell you otherwise – this one literally fell right out of my head, at almost 100 words exactly. If it’s good, it’s not because of any fine-tune crafting on my part. If it isn’t good, I apologize, but I saw in it a strange kind of beauty. One that I desired to share with you.

Here is this week’s 100 Word Song.


She’d seen both mamusia and babcia stumble off, never to return. Tatuś and brat, she’d never seen again after the station.

She was now alone, confused as to why Yahweh would do this to her. How was survival worth anything, when stuck in this hell?

But then they came. They came, and the guards scurried like the cockroaches that they were. They came, and blew down the gates of hell with their big, beautiful machines.

As she accepted timidly the first food she’d had in months, she saw a bird, soaring carefree overhead. Yes, it alone knew how she felt.


My apologies if I misspelled and/or used any of the Polish titles incorrectly.

This week’s song was chosen by one of my dear “Drag Mothers” (of the blog variety) k~, with “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone

21 thoughts on “Briefly…

  1. it’s interesting that I’ve been listening to a lot of Nina Simone lately, her song Sinnerman is from is one I always get lost in. This song Feeling Good is just a Revelation. I can never listen to it without tears welling in my eyes, happy, sad, comforted etc.

    also, I am Polish, so referring to her grandmother in the language reminded me of my own.

    for 100 words…you told an entire, beautiful, engaging tale.

  2. This fabulous song is one of the songs I love the most, it has a special vibration that lifts your spirit …
    But the best is the last line with the metaphor of the freed bird… There are times in life when our soul feels set free after a long time of darkness or when our body feels freed after a long disease. The moment when the long waited peace and calm touch us is a moment of grace. And where is touch of grace there are no more words, there’s only bliss.

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