I am always stunned when a given song used in this challenge, one that wouldn’t normally be to my liking, hits me like an inspirational brick to the noggin.

Hmm, I wonder if there’s a market out there for inspirational bricks…

Anywho, here’s this weeks 100 Word Song.

Please tell me what I did right… and what I did wrong!


Had they lived in the 19th century, they would’ve been called pen pals.  Had they lived in the 19th century, they might’ve felt much more comfortable in their world.

Instead of pens however, they used keyboards. Instead of waiting anxiously for weeks, as letters – each sealed with a kiss – crossed over oceans wide; they waited equally so, as messages were delivered within minutes.

Daily she’d send him her countenance. Daily he’d try to swallow his shyness, and do likewise. Staring at her thumbnail perpetually, he’d long for the day that they would meet face-to-face, her smile radiant, finally before him.


OK, I’m thinking it’s high time I grabbed a bunch of these 100 word nuggets, and fleshed therm out into actual story-like things. Do you agree, and if so, which would you choose?

This week’s song was chosen by Deb (please read her riveting “Vivid Black” series!): “Heavenly Day” by Patty Griffin

11 thoughts on “Briefly…

    • I’m glad you took their advice! Please let me know whom, so I can thank them as well, and I hope you enjoy the stuff that falls out of my head =)

  1. Yes, I agree…But it is far too difficult to choose. Just reread your 100 word “nuggets” (thinking I was up to the task) they’re all too good, do not want to play favorites! Sorry, not much of a helper today!

  2. G’morning t~, I really like the feel of this piece. It stands on its own as a 100 word challenge and I like that about it. It also has a nice feel to the comparison of times, and handwritten letters (which I still think are golden moments of their own). This story radiates positive vibes, and I love that about it.

    Because you asked about combining nuggets, I will tell you my thoughts. I read your blog all the time, as a result of that I know where it starts and ends with each story (the same is true of some others), but when I come across a blog that has an ongoing story that is delivered out in 100 word portions for the first time, it frustrates me, and often means that I won’t read the blog at all. So, it depends on whether or not you want to continue to stretch to meet each 100 word challenge with unique flair, or if you want to begin a nugget at a time story that only gives the readers a taste each time they come across it. I prefer to gobble up a bit longer taste than just 100 at a time, even if I do know where the story is. :-) Whew.

    • G’morning (evening) k~!

      First off – thank you. I am always extra tickled when you like one of my flights of fancy.

      Secondly, hell no! There’ll be no word count with these flesh-outs (mmm, that sounded sort of creepy, now didn’t it?) What I would like to do is take a couple of these (no more than three) and grow them into serials of sorts – or maybe just a one time, much more in-depth piece.

      I know that I promised you and others to look deeper into the life of our valiant drag queen, and her story will definitely one on the list, but I wasn’t sure if there were any other “stand outs” (much better than “flesh-out”) that y’all felt might also be contenders.

      Please let me know if you think there is (from any of the prompts) – thank you m’dear!

      • I like the idea of digging deeper into the life of the drag queen, she is an interesting character, and one that will unveil things that I know little about. I love learning and in this case, dressing up a character. I have had many types of people in my life, and even a drag queen or three, but I still know little about the psychological makeup behind the makeup. It would be an interesting investment to learn as you craft her into cyber being.

        Honestly m’Friend… any of them will be wonderful to see in depth, which one moves you? ;-)

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