I awoke to a beautiful sunrise, a peaceful Easter (Orthodox) morn, and a trick question from The Daily Prompt, who asked quite simply, “Is the glass half-full, or half-empty?

The trick to the question of course is that, by their very nature, glasses are always 100% brim-full. No halvsies about it. You see, no matter how much fluid you have (or don’t) within a given glass, the remainder of its space is immediately taken up by air. Make sense?

of COURSE he went with the full glass image...

So the question really isn’t one of “half-full or empty” but rather, ” just what will I fill my glass with today?” Will I place only a dribble of my interest within, and let life simply fill up the rest, or will I fill it as much as possible, leaving little-to no room for outside forces to take up my space and time instead? In addition to that, will I fill it with fun, juicy and delicious? Or bitter, thick and detestable?

The choice is mine. And yours. But know that whether you believe it to be your empty or your full that is half, the glass will be filled regardless.

I would like to tell you that I’ve known and understood this for a while now, but in all honesty, it really just dawned on me when I read the trick question today.

What can I say, I’m a slow learner, OK?


There. Short and Sunday sweet. Happy Easter to all my Orthodox friends, and Happy Sunday to all of rest of you. I hope you chose to fill your glass with goodness today!

25 thoughts on “Full.

  1. Happy Easter. and hang in there. Grief, stress, adversity, it’s more half full than you think…it just takes a while.

  2. A quantitative term minus the qualitative satisfaction gained from consumed contents. I have no idea if that makes any sense, but it sounds good!

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  7. This post made me smile. Full…. “my cup runneth over”… contents… and like songmistress said “not in the nature of life to be half anything”

    It is indeed a beautiful day.

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  10. Huh. I’ve never, ever thought about the “paradoxical glass question” in that way before. Brilliant. BTW…people have said that I’m an airhead….just goes to show that I’ve been full (of it) the whole time. :)

  11. T – I too am a slow learner BUT the lesson has finally sunken in and I’m (dancing, enjoying mental, physical and spiritual joy) on cloud 9 due to my activite choices. My posting today is exactly that…..

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