Listen, it’s my fault.

I mean, I chose the damned song, now didn’t I?

Regardless, I stand by my choice. There are about a bazillion and one different directions you could take, what with The Clash’s “Car Jamming” as your song prompt. It’s a beat-full, lyrically rich track to play off of, but I still found myself totally surprised that I ended up where I eventually did on this one.

Below is this week’s 100 Word Song. Hope you enjoy, and please, play along!


He realized that any signs of kindness would be merely accidental.

Wondering why they were so constantly and brutally mean, he carefully dabbed a stubborn tear away, smudging smoky eyeliner in the process. Rifling the tissue to the desktop, he muttered “Dammit!” while inspecting the mishap.

It wasn’t enough that he was abused for being true to himself, he now looked like a weepy rank amateur to boot.

Lauren Bacall wouldn’t have let them get her down. Nana said he resembled her when he was dressed “that way,” maybe it was time that he started acting like her as well.


This week’s song was chosen by Lance’s brother from another mother: “Car Jamming” by The Only Band That Matters.

29 thoughts on “Briefly…

  1. Nicely done t~ This has been a driving force topic for you, keep moving with it… eventually it will become the comfortable moment between.

    • Thank you k~, and I agree. I really liked writing this character, and honestly, had to chop a lot to squeak it down to 100.

      Ever since I posted in fact, I’ve been thinking about a re-write followed by a continuation for this. I hope you enjoy it as it comes along (heck, at least we know we won’t have to deal with dead people, right?) =)

  2. it continually impresses me how your writing comes across as so honest – you talk about your faith, but don’t have a zealot yelling between the lines; you talk about drag queens (so much so that it makes me laugh in a happy way) without sounding like the ACLU. You see life as it is, and I love the way your clarity shines through with no need for qualifiers.

    • Holy mother.

      I am sitting here absolutely stunned at what you just said. May I have your permission to put this on a t-shirt? Honestly, I am so honored that you feel this way, and love that you would take the time to share your thoughts with me in such an eloquent fashion.

      Thank you. Very much. >.<

  3. Your post proves what you stated in the opening of your post, “There are about a bazillion and one different directions you could take”. We are like buckshot from the end of a shotgun; scattered and erratic. And you packed a hell of a lot in a mere 100 Words.

  4. You have offered strength through agony and courage through fear. And all in 100 words. Sometimes I think if we always had an exact number of words to say something in, our writing would be better for it. I’ll see if I can sneak in the time to do the challenge over the weekend. Loved this t.

    • Thank you for your assessment Kath – I didn’t necessarily see it in this light, so I’m glad that you did, and then pointed it out to me!

      I hope you find the time to jump in this week, I thought you in particular would enjoy the song choice.

    • Very true Nelle – I suppose it helps to understand that in the end, you will be the only person you will have to answer to, for the sort of life you lived. So you might as well just get into the habit of it now.

      Love the new Gravatar by the way!

    • I’m sure you know how hard it was to pick just one – I’m especially glad that you liked my choice. Doubly pleased that you dug the direction I took. I believe there’s more to come.

  5. Love the story and the character. So many good things have been said, I’m not sure how much more I could elaborate. Suffice it to say I love the honesty of your character. It reflects in the honesty of the writer, you. Thank you t. Your writing always shines.

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