Endless Summer Of The Damned

The very moment I saw today’s Friday Fictioneers prompt picture, I was instantly reminded of one of my favorite albums from one of my favorite bands – “Swing The Heartache” by Bauhaus (to those of you not already “in the know'” click on the album title above in order to find out why).

As a result, I decided to do something Fictioneerary that I hadn’t done since around the time I was in the 8th grade, and I created a post using as many Bauhaus song titles as possible. These are italicized for your reference, and including the post title and accompanying song prompt, I was able to squeak 19 of them into today’s submission. As always, I hope you enjoy.

copyright - Jennifer Pendergast

copyright – Jennifer Pendergast

“Oh Harry, I’ll never make it. There’s no hope.”

“Yes you will, we need to catch up with the boys. It’s all we ever wanted, let’s move on.

“No, I’ll just stay here in this dive, m’dear.”

“No mother, you can’t. Remember, Satori’s directly behind us. It’s only a matter of time before he overcomes us with his poison pen.”

“But darling, I’ve no adrenalin, I feel like a muscle in plastic. I simply can’t move through these crowds.”

“You HAVE TO. It’s almost night time. We won’t be safe unless we’re in the flat field by then.”

“But… I don’t want to be safe anymore. Kingdom’s coming, and I’d rather be an exquisite corpse, than continue to live in fear of fear.”

Burning from the inside, her sudden assertion hit me like a kick in the eye.


Side note: if you could, please visit my post from yesterday, as it pertains to a cause I feel very strongly about, and any support you could provide would be deeply appreciated. Now, here’s Peter, Daniel, Kevin and David – the unwitting baby daddies to Gothic rock, doing what they did best:

55 thoughts on “Endless Summer Of The Damned

    • And thank you for stopping by mine as well =)

      PS – if your mention of the “uncle” was alluding to another Bauhaus song, then I was right on board with you, but couldn’t figure out how to nudge the complete title, “Third Uncle,” into the text anywhere.

      • Must have been on some similar wave, but not that one. As I am not all that good with music. I’m stuck in the ‘Oldies’ of the ’60’s and 70’s and I can’t even match those faces, names or titles.
        I actually did have an uncle who donated his body to science – and it must have been well ‘used’ as it took over a year for my aunt to get back what was left of the cremated remains.

        Do you know when the new post for the Friday Fictioneers gets posted. Is it after the count down for the previous on expires? I’ve looked several times today and the new one isn’t up yet. I like these – I can’t say I’ll be back every week but they are fun.

        • =]

          I’m rather a novice to this myself, but in my time to date, Rochelle has posted a new prompt every Wednesday. Some are easy-breezy to respond to, some are damned hard, and others just get skipped (though I don’t believe I’ve done so as of yet). I look forward to seeing you around!

          • I’ve been a regular at:
            Which is a weekly Sunday prompt of a word list of 12 – 13 words. I’ve been posting two pieces, a short verse and another story verse that now has about 40 pages of a continuing story, (which I only add to once a week).
            All of my blogs are listed on the page: Friends, Roamers …etc. on my daily short verse site which is linked to this icon thingy. I am not exactly well versed in ‘Computerese’ – Thanks.

    • Wears a beaming smile, after the second (fourth, if I’m being honest) read through of your compliment. Thank you, m’dear =)

  1. Fun idea! I especially like this line: “‘But… I don’t want to be safe anymore. Kingdom’s coming, and I’d rather be an exquisite corpse, than continue to live in fear of fear.'” It’s just so wise after all that running.

  2. Love how you used all those titles, some of which I recognise (from a looooong time ago). Might spend a happy half hour searching them out on the web today!

  3. Really enjoyed the way you incorporated the song titles, especially “…I’d rather be an exquisite corpse, than continue to live in fear of fear.” I’m also worried about Satori and his pen – I’ll have to go and update my music ed.

  4. um, ok… i don’t know the songs.. didn’t realize there were titles ’til i read the comments.. does that mean i suck? lol ^^ but i focused on the story and thought it’s great and unique. “I’d rather be an exquisite corpse, than continue to live in fear of fear.” is beautiful :)

  5. Ha, I wrote so many gothic romantic short stories to the Bauhaus or Peter Murphy my senior year in high school I could put out an anthology. Well played sir, and well written ;)

    • I’ve seen Peter (5) times now, once with the rest of the boys (!!!!)

      I would love to see your anthology – please feel free to share anytime =)

  6. Dear T,
    I’ll admit a bit of a disconnect since the titles and the group are unfamiliar to me. BTW I like PB and green olives on toast. A unique take on the prompt. (If it was always easy it wouldn’t be a challenge now would it? ;) )

    • I would invite you to give them a listen Rochelle. As with all experimental artists, don’t expect to like them on the first go-round =)

      I’m glad you liked my take, and I will have to try your recommended sandwich – it sounds delish!

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