Spreading the cure…

I’m uncertain as to how many untold thousands, if not millions, have been spent on spreading the disease.

The disease of making us feel that, to be anything other than “exactly like everyone else” is somehow wrong. The disease of being suckered into the ideology that having physical strength, cash on-hand, good looks or even simple charisma, makes you somehow more valued – better – than others. The disease that mandates that in order for you to feel good about yourself, you must first make another feel bad about who they are. The God-damnable disease that has us believing that Life is merely some sort of popularity contest, and nothing more.

I’m uncertain as to how many dollars have been spent in the pursuit of honoring these archaic and regressive beliefs, but I am certain as to how much it costs to help in spreading the cure.

Just $25.00.

Click for more info

Click for more info

You see, for $25.00 you can have a copy of “It Gets Better” sent to the school or local library of your choice (or they can pick one for you, should you have no preference). Aimed primarily at LGBT youth, and begun initially as a response to turn the tide on gay youth suicides that resulted from oppressive bullying, this book is a gathering of great minds, all of whom simply want to express to teens everywhere that life does, in fact, get better. My son received a copy this past Christmas, and I believe that it has helped him to understand that it’s OK to simply be yourself. And that it’s also OK to let the bullies angrily shake the ignorant cages of their own construct; as long as you don’t willingly join them in their prisons yourself.

True, a donation of this nature may be seen by some as a small step. But I feel it’s a step in the right direction. And to one who’s maybe never taken a step at all in this matter, it could prove to be a giant leap, for either themselves or for some fortunate recipient.

I know that I don’t normally like to use this site as a vehicle to push for particular causes, but I feel that this is important enough to break with the norm. I would appreciate it if you would click on the image above to learn more, and consider donating one or more of these copies to our youth. Lord knows I could’ve benefited from having a resource such as this when I was growing up, and I’m pretty sure that a lot of you could’ve as well.

Thanks for your time, kids. No music today, as I would prefer to end this instead, with one of my heroes advise to “really, anybody who’s being picked on.”

Oh what the hell, who’re we kidding?

Here’s today’s song as well. Another of my heroes, engaged in another, earlier anti-bullying effort of sorts…

33 thoughts on “Spreading the cure…

  1. a small step that is HUGE in so many ways..thank you for telling me about this, I will donate this book this week. I want every child to know it’s okay to just be themselves.

  2. i love these videos, especially because not only do they speak openly to lgbt youth but anyone who’s having troubles. while i do agree that preventative measures against bullies and bullying are necessary, it bothered me that it seemed like people didn’t address the topic of building up the self esteem and self reliance of the kids who were getting picked on. let’s face it – kids (and adults for that matter) can only control so much of another persons behavior, and i think it is vitally important that they understand that even though some douchebag is acting like a douchebag, you still have every right to let the weirdest craziest most off-norm you shine through anyway.

    • You are correct – a key component is knowing that YOU are OK with who you are. The craziest, most off-norm version of you. But when you’re feeling down, it’s also nice to know that others believe in you as well =)

    • Not too sure if I can agree with your assessment on my ticker k~, but thank you for your kind words anyway =)

      And please, don’t feel shy about continuing to spread the cure in your own way as well!

    • I can’t even imagine being on the road you’ve taken Nelle, but I am proud of you for taking it, and impressed that you did.

      I’m thrilled too, to hear that it got better for you as well =)

  3. Our new library, (well relatively new) has a bookshop cafe. They sell extra copies of donated books – and all the funds go back into the library. I make donations regularly to the cause while getting good reads for my family. And the library gets to pick out what ever they need.

    • We do that as well, both with purchases and donations. Knowledge is power, but only if it’s shared does it gain the greatest yield, right? My hope with this post, was to get a specific type of knowledge out to a group of people, some of whom need it very badly. Thank you for reading and commenting =)

  4. Great post indeed. We are poisoned since childhood with so many ideas and our brains are washed in so many ways.
    Your son is lucky to have a dad like you, a dad with an open mind. There are not many parents like you. There’s absolutely nothing more valuable than this wisdom you are giving your child for life. :)

  5. I adore this post. Thank you so much for making me aware of this program; now I want to run around and tell everyone I know about it, too!

    Even if it is a small step, I think it’s an incredibly important one.

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