Keeping within my seemingly new methodology of no longer using pages for these entries (fewer clicks equals more clicks!), following is this week’s 100 Word Song


He would ofttimes find himself sitting idly by the dock, dipping his toe cautiously towards the tide, wondering if it would ever hold him again.

He could still feel the water beneath his feet. Or rather, himself weightless above the waves, as one minute he realized himself rushing towards his friend, the next drowning in trepidation.

How could he have faltered?

He was the only man who would ever know the feeling. It had been a simple, albeit brilliant mistake, one that would eventually serve for the remainder of his days, as a nagging reminder of his lack of faith.


This week’s song was chosen by Linda:

10 thoughts on “Briefly…

    • Much thanks Nelle! I wonder though, did the original story I was alluding too come through? At first I thought so, but on re-reading this, I’m wondering now if I wasn’t maybe a little too vague?

    • Dagnabit!

      I knew I played it too coyly – sorry. What I was doing with this piece, was trying to place myself inside the head of Simon Peter, years after walking on the water towards Christ. I hit me, how would it feel to have been able to experience that once, but never more?

  1. this is brilliant. I only fully understood it after reading your comment, tho the walking on water hinted at it. I often wonder how it must have felt to be Simon Peter during and after the Crucifixion.

  2. Yeah, I agree with Rene. I thought it was really pretty and it made me hum Sittin on the Dock of the Bay, but after I read your explanation it was a big Duh! smack to the forehead…

    • Sorry for being too allusive (I was afraid of being just the opposite, and as a result, buried the whole thing.) My original included “support” instead of “hold,” “found” instead of “realized” and “Lord” instead of “friend,” and I was afraid it would be too easy to spot with those in place.

    • This is me, sitting here with my Happy Face on while I clap like an excited two year old. Listen, it’s not like I do that often. Thank YOU!

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