The Adventures of Boba

Friday Fictioneers, here we go!

Copyright - Beth Carter

Copyright – Beth Carter

“I’m freakin’ Boba Fett, baby!

I’m the slam dance, cardiac arrest king of mofo, daddy-o! You can’t stop me.




I’m flyin’ through hyperspace on hyperbole. Diggin’ the fascinatin’ rhythm of life, distorting it, blowing it right out its own ASS, Freakman!

These roads are my personal vagina, Nerdsville. I slide up n’ down ‘em until we both blow our freakin’ tops – slamming them hard into submission, Johnny Paper Hat!

I am a freakin’ Man-God, you Douchsicles.”

“That’s all well and good, Mr. ‘Fett,’ but I’m still going to need to see your license and registration, please.”


Thought I should lighten up a bit. Happy Friday kids =)

52 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boba

    • Thank you Bee! I loved your story as well (sorry, but I’m not able to let you know on your site as there is no WordPress login)

  1. Sammy says, “Snuff the live-jive, Man. The Fuzz has his calm-palm on his slingshot so gift him the 220 big ones and 30-mph it outta here on this snail trail.”

    • Thanks bunches Deana!

      I would love to hear your thoughts on “500 Words…” as well, as that’s the one that propelled me to write a light “breather” piece.

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