Happily ever after, in heels.

Listen, we deserved the break. Amongst all the issues we’re embroiled with currently, I felt we had earned just a little breather. So this Sunday last, C and myself got all gussied up (apparently a dying art, these days) before going downtown to catch the final local performance of “Priscilla: Queen Of The Desert.”

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We had a blast, and I dare say that I never wanted it to end. Planning on making an evening of it, we were only slightly miffed when we discovered that our favorite late night restaurant is most decidedly not very “late night open” when it comes to Sunday. Catching the Wendy’s drive-through window instead, we settled onto the couch for a late night snack, before hitting the sack. As is her way, C went off to bed in order to sleep. As is my way, I went off to bed in the hopes that we would be doing any number of things, but sleep.

As is her way, C won out in the end.

I woke the next morning feeling odd, out of sorts, almost as if something were amiss. The songs from the musical played over and over on my mental radio, as I performed the tasks I daily perform to almost get paid, but they provided me with no real joy – nothing close to what I felt the night before. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what I was feeling, until the very second that the Daily Post’s prompt came stumbling across my email. Their prompt for the day punched me square in the gut, when they asked “Are you living happily ever after?” A question that the very core of my being answered immediately – and almost violently – with a “No. No I am not living happily ever after. No I am not even close to that. What in the hell is wrong with me?”

A valid question I think, to end an almost sinful assertion. I mean, what right do I have to not be living happily ever after? Just what more do I expect needs to be in place for this happiness to finally hit?

Well, I believe the problem is two-fold. First, I feel that “happily ever after,” is a bit of a cop out. One devised by early story tellers who just wanted to be done with the whole thing already, and no questions being asked, thank you very much. Secondly, I believe that much like the characters in my last Mash-up prompt, I sometimes (read: way too often) spend too much energy chasing a happiness that I think I deserve, instead of simply relishing in the Joy already bestowed upon me.

Listen, catching a good show can be fun, but one should never get so dragged into it (no pun intended) as to start to wish that that was what their real life was like. Real life isn’t that easy or free. Real life doesn’t involve people randomly breaking out into song. But that doesn’t mean that real life shouldn’t be appreciated or isn’t worthwhile. Indeed, real life is the only life to be lived, regardless of how many of us never do.

The Daily Prompt also asked us to explain how we would go about changing ourselves so that “happily ever after” could be obtainable. To that, I’ve no answer but one: I’m going to just get over myself. I’m going to stop being so damned dramatic, stop wishing for things I don’t have, start enjoying the blessings I do have, and realize every day that real life ain’t easy, but it’s worth it regardless.

That, and I’m also going to give this randomly breaking out into song thing a go as well. You may want to cover your ears.

33 thoughts on “Happily ever after, in heels.

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  2. I want to know what’s wrong with wanting life to mirror a musical? Honestly, I would break into song daily if I could..and chances are I do, you just don’t see it. I like that version of life a whole lot better than being constantly crankly, argumentative and cynical. The truth is that “HAPPILY EVER AFTER” is a cop out…life goes on, life gets in the way of a lot of stuff that I wish it didn’t…and then of course there is the ever present and always available opinion of other people about what is RIGHT OR WRONG, what is GOOD OR BAD, what is acceptable or not, that is bound to stick a pin in my hot pink balloon.

    I love that you and C went to that show and that you had a great time..I’m glad that those songs are stuck in your head, I am even glad that you wrote this to let us know where you are in your thoughts about living happily.

    You and I have talked about what makes happiness…and you’ve taught me a lot about what that consists of, given me tremendously good advice, more than once. Life is about working toward and FOR the happy. it’s a journey, not a destination right? All those cliches, that really make a lot of sense. Sometimes you have to do what makes YOU Happy…and not be ashamed of it.

    • You bring up a good point, and I wonder, how much of our lives do we see through other people’s opinions instead of our own? And conversely, how freely do we allow those we love to live their own lives, versus the lives we would have for them?

      It is a journey, right? But your journey, not anyone else’s in the end.

  3. Maybe the feeling out of sorts after an enjoyable musical feels like a letdown. You know the feeling that gets you all revved up because you’ve been waiting to see a particular movie after viewing some trailers. However, the best part about the movie are the trailers.

  4. Hahahaha! I’m not laughing at your post. I’m laughing about your wife the sleeper (I’m one of those, too – my poor Beloved), and the fact that quite a lot of people in my day-to-day life randomly break into song. Sometimes all of them! Anyway, I don’t know from happily ever after, but joyfully ever after does sound much better. Then you get to cry, sometimes, you know? And otherwise be human.

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  7. OK Troy NOW its time for my two cents…you do have “Happily ever after” as we all do but don’t realize it. Think about the fairy tales that Disney sells…A kiss wakes up sleeping beauty and they live “happily ever after.” Happily ever afters are just moments in time, (a kiss) just a moment. We have no idea what happens after that moment.
    Cinderella, after a miserable life without her parents, living with an awful step-mother and gross step-sisters, mice as her only friends, take her to a party in a pumpkin. Cinderella’s curfew was earlier then anyone else’s at the party (I’ve heard my kids complain about such cruelty), AND…the glass shoe fits (happily ever after) who knows if the handsome prince was some stubborn self-absorbed Prick who had affairs after the wedding! I’m just saying!
    You going out to a musical with your best girl, Happily Ever After! Settling on the couch together for a late night snack…Happily Ever After! The fact you are both healthy enough to do the above mentioned, Happily Ever After!…That might have been more than two cents worth!

  8. There’s a book on my list to read After the Ecstasy, the Laundry by Jack Kornfield. Honestly mostly just because of the title, because as grateful as I am to have dishes to wash and clothes to launder and a home to keep, sometimes I get soooo corkin tired of the Groundhog Day aspect of all of it. It’s tough to keep gratitude at the forefront sometimes, and you touched on that simple aspect of life very poignantly. And also? I’m jealous you got to see Priscilla ;)

    • “the Groundhog Day aspect of all of it.” What a perfect way to describe it! Thank you for putting it into terms that will help me keep that gratitude front and center. And, I’m sorry if I made you jealous – you really should see it. It’s wonderfully life-affirming =)

  9. The closest to breaking into song with a large group of strangers I ever came was about 6 years ago (before flash-mobbing was mainstream) my friend and I used to go to karaoke at this dive bar in a weird part of the neighboring city. She decided on “Thriller” and as always I was her back-up dancer (I can’t sing) and something unexpected happened. We had the WHOLE bar, bartender and owner doing the thriller moves, people were on chairs, tables and up on the bar.
    Every time I watch a movie or cartoon where they break into song I am transported back to those moments and smile.

    As a side note: isn’t it interesting what is depicted as a happily ever after and the reality of it?? I’ve always thought “there is no such thing as happily ever after.It is what we make it to be”

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