150 Words Plus a Sentence

Getting my assignment in by the skin of my teeth, and fearing a solid C+ (at best) will result from this week’s efforts, here is my submission for week # 7 of Master Class 2013.


Clever how the cosmos can, in a single portent, be ingratiating yet sadistic. Neither one of them would have said it in that fashion, of course. Hell, neither one of them would’ve known the meaning of words such as these.

No, to them it was just all about chasing Happiness. Looking for something that can’t be found unless it wants to.

You see, Happiness is a lot like Love in that it simply pops in unannounced, where and when it wants, only to leave again in a similarly random fashion. You can’t “find it” any more than you could summon a unicorn to do your bidding. Still, they both spent their entire shared existence searching vainly for it’s light. A search, that by it’s very nature, made what was sought after unobtainable. Hidden forever from them both.

The cosmos may have given them each other, but instead of basking in that Joy, they wasted their years together, merely searching for a lesser satisfaction.


“This week, to keep things interesting, I asked Steph to choose the first line from the fifth chapter of any book of her choosing. She chose Three Junes by Julia Glass.”

~ Master Class 2013

19 thoughts on “150 Words Plus a Sentence

  1. A disservice to give yourself a C+ at best… I like it. We both went in the direction of love or what passes for love. I admit it took me awhile to get there, but that’s what a challenge is all about. You can’t “find it” – so true – and I echo Lance on lesser satisfaction.

  2. you can’t find it, anymore than you can get a unicorn to do your bidding…what an incredible line, what a way to think about it. Love never does a bidding, but when it does pop up unannounced, those are the moments that are worth living for…even if it breaks your heart, even it fades as quickly as it made itself known.

    this is A work, my friend.

  3. your premature grade is a perfect example of exactly what you wrote :) We always downplay things, never seeing it for what is it or what it can be. We search for the elusive, never recognizing we might have attained it unknowingly.

  4. I seriously think that ‘You can’t ‘find’ happiness anymore than you could summon a unicorn to do your bidding’ could trend as one of those quote meme things that are all over the place, fantastic analogy.

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