Into The Wild


Courtesy of Bo Bartlett (click to view more)

Daddy, why did you leave the gate open? Why did you allow me to simply slide through and out?

Darling, I had to. There was no other way for you to test your weight, to find your way.

But daddy, I might have gotten lost.

Darling, I had no doubt that you would, and I wasn’t surprised when you eventually did.

Daddy, how then did I return? How did I find my way back?

You didn’t darling. You didn’t.

But I am here now.

You are.


While I may have been lost to you, you were never lost to me. I watched you run, first with glee, then in confusion, and finally with pain. When your running ran out, and you collapsed at the curb of disillusionment, I brought you home darling. Just as I always promised I would, for I will not allow you to fade away.


Yes darling?

Will you leave the gate open again?

Yes. But next time, you will be stronger. You will find your own way. The confusion will dim, and next time, you will build your own home, instead of being returned to mine.

Just for now?

You first must build a home, before you can come home. So yes darling, just for now.


Yes darling. Good.


Listen, I’ve no real idea where this came from, nor what it’s supposed to be leading up to. But I do know it’s what fell out onto my keyboard, when Fay Moore – the Writer who wants to be a writer – asked us to use the following as a song prompt.

I hope you enjoyed it.

28 thoughts on “Into The Wild

  1. You wrote it for me t. The silly girl that reads your words as her tears spill all over her keyboard. You wrote it for me, the silly girl trying to find her way home.
    I’m running. I’ll keep doing so, till home is in my sights.

  2. This was a delightfully charming take on growing up. I know you see “Daddy” as both who you are, and who your higher power is, so it has many layers of meaning as well… all of which made for a charming read!

  3. very nice, simple and pretty. who is that artist? i never heard of him or her, is the name LP? was i born in a barn? (and, argh, i cannot resist an editing nit-pick: your second line should say “Darling, I had to,” not too.) xoxo

  4. I’m new to your blog so forgive my possibly tired topic, but Have you read “Into the Wild” by J Krakauer? To me, it contained a similar spirit that is in your “poem”. I call it a poem because it read like a tale of lesson and life – like a song. Jayne

  5. I love when you just let the words spill out from you, when you let us know what you’re thinking or feeling in such a poetic way.
    There is always a way home, arms that will wrap us up in them, gates that will open…as long as we believe, and always choose to turn back toward them. Will and wanderlust, working together.

    This was stunning and touching.

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