I didn’t

Today’s Friday Fictioneer photo prompt was difficult for me to write for. Some might say that, in the final analysis, I didn’t.


copyright-David Stewart

Searching deep within the lines taut across his fear-filled face, I realized that the story had already been told.

It’s a story that no human should ever have to endure, though so many hundreds of thousands have. A tale of fear, welling up in your throat forcefully as you try desperately – and in vain – to outrun a Death that is larger, warmer, and oh so more quick than you will ever be; a Death that flagrantly belches itself out across the land.

Weeping gently, I placed my pen aside the unused sheet of paper. There would be no story today.


39 thoughts on “I didn’t

    • Thank you Rochelle, I’m glad it came across as I had intended. And can I say, I love the way you call my entries “songs” – it makes perfect sense given my bloggie’s title, and it’s a concept I never once thought to use on my own =]

  1. OK, I’ll make it three for the last line, or the last two. Trying to outrun death is a terrible image but I could see it in this prompt once you wrote about it.

    (BTW, “in vain”, rather than “in vein.”) :-)


  2. Dear ALAIAS,

    Four for the last line, at least, but I also enjoyed your entire non-story. It was a story, no matter what you try to tell us, and a well written one, too.

    C. Hase

  3. Your entry spoke for me, much more eloquently. I get nothing out of artwork or pictures like these. No offence to the photographer, but I am into realism and not what I would call impressionism perhaps. I look at paintings of paint thrown on canvas and think WTF. I saw nothing in this picture therefore no entry this week from me. None last week either as nothing came to mind for the airplanes. Some weeks I just have no inspiration. I guess I am saying, I am no good with interpretation. I need it spelled out in black and white, no gray.

    • I agree with you – the photo prompts have proven hardest for me! In fact, had I not dug around until I found the “A19,” I most likely wouldn’t have dropped in last week either. This week was a little bit easier, but again it took truly looking into the mans face before i could find my way. I’m just always afraid that my post will end up as a mere description of what I see, you know?

  4. well done. in this line: “and in vain – to outrun a Death that is larger, warmer, and oh so more quick than…” instead of “and in vain” consider just “vainly.” and instead of “more quick,” why not “quicker”?

    • Thank you Abraham! I tried to use words and/or alignments a bit off kilter, in order to keep the “ground unsettled” for the reader, so to speak. I’m glad it worked.

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