12 thoughts on “responsibility of change

  1. Nice video. :)
    We’ve had Civil Unions in NZ since 2005, and we’re currently going through the process of altering the Marriage Act 1955 to specifically include same sex couples. We should know by late February (unless an extension is requested) if the MPs are going to vote to change the legislation to that effect.

    If you want to put things in a global perspective, it’s worth taking a look at the general Civil Union page at Wikipedia and scrolling down to the map – the number of countries with the death penalty or life in prison is chilling. >:(

    • Thanks so much for the info and the links Ms Oh Wally! It’s sad to see that especially in “the land of the free,” we are unable to provide our citizens with what so many other countries (rightly so) seem to have no issue with.

      As to the countries that actually execute those in same-sex love, I would have to appeal to their blatant ignorance, and recommend that they instead execute the straight people, as it is they who seem to keep making all these homosexual children…

  2. As I told you once this is such a big subject, it would take so much time to discuss…
    I was raised in a non-religious environment, yet I found my faith on my own. Just like in your Catholic dogma, the atitude on gay relationships and love is the same in my Orthodox dogma. There’s a lot of hate and fear and ignorance related to this. After living real life and seeing what LOVE is I came to two conclusions:
    1. anyone deserves respect and freedom in any aspect, as long as they are not hurting others and as long as they respect others as well.
    2. Yes, LOVE is patient, LOVE is kind… LOVE does not judge, but embraces.
    I have in the back of my eyes the bright image of Saint Seraphim of Sarov, a humble monk that lived secluded and yet received in his forest crowds of pilgrims that needed his help. He did not say “you sinners go away”, or “you don’t deserve my help or love”. He received all, embraced all, prayed for all. I always remember this and I ask myself “who am I to judge someone else?”
    Yes, LOVE is patient, LOVE is kind. And God is LOVE and we all should be LOVE, compassion, respect, understanding, support, patience for the ones next to us.

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