Every day I write the book

Sometimes I think there are experiences we need to live, for whatever reasons. Lessons to learn, to grow in life.

So says Nelle.

I agree, and that’s the thing that kills me, especially when considering the fact that I don’t believe in predestination.

So say I.


I really don’t believe in it. Predestination, that is. And yet, I do believe that there are certain experiences in ones life, that have to occur in order for that person to fully realize themselves (or at least have the opportunity to do so).

“So, how does that work then, t?” Well, I’ve given it a bit of thought actually, and I think (believe) that it all comes down to this.

Now first, a bit of a disclaimer: I read a lot of what my kids call “Jesus books.” “There’s daddy, reading another one of his ‘Jesus books’ again” they snidely say. Stupid kids, whatta they know anyway? But that’s not the point. The point is that what I have to say below is most likely just a simplified conglomeration of other people’s – smarter people’s – thoughts. And if what I say sounds brilliant or wise in any form or fashion, it’s quite accidental that it should be coming from my hand at all, and is much more likely just the result of a having a good memory.

OK, here goes – here is how I think it works.

Say I’m a blogger, which I am. Prior to you ever receiving the “magic” that flows from my slightly abused and underused mind, I have to write it all down. But before hitting “post” I – like all good bloggers I would assume – proofread that sucker, making any corrections that are needed first. Now, that’s not how I think it works yet, though.

No, then we move on to you, You read whatever I post, and if you’re like me, you sometimes go back through thinking to yourself, “Oh, he really should have elaborated on that bit more,” or, “I wish he hadn’t made mention of that at all,” or again “What in the devil is he even talking about, and why am I reading this dribble?” (Just so you know, I always assign you all with British accents whenever I imagine you talking like this.) In short, you – internally at least – edit my work. THAT is how I think it works. We write the story, but God reads it, and once done, goes back to tweak the narrative in ways that will provide us with the best possible outcome to the tale.

How is it that He could read a story that I’m only now just working on chapter 43 of myself? Easy. I am handcuffed by time. He is not. I am trapped in the trenches of life, while He sits above it. While I can only be exactly here and now, God can skim through my story at will, jumping ahead or back as desired (yeah, I’m pretty much stealing that whole idea just now from CS Lewis. Can’t remember which book exactly, but whichever one of his you happen to pick up, will be worth a read none the less).

So, in a nutshell, that’s how I think it works. We the writer, He the editor. We, the main character in our own story and – should we be very diligent in recognizing his edits – we the ones who get to learn, to grow in life, to enjoy the “happily everafters.”


PS: Yes, I’m aware that the song above has very little to do with the actual post. It’s Elvis Costello – ima gonna use it anyway.

34 thoughts on “Every day I write the book

  1. “Created in his image” or so the book says. I think we have access to universal knowledge, each of us, and we are the creators of our own world. Each word, whether it is spoken, written, or said with the heart alters the path we are on to varying degrees, either way, they influence our worlds, and the worlds of those around us. Our greatest sin is forgetting who we are.

    • So well said, k~! I’ve quite often said (usually of global belief systems, but also of personal attributes as well) that we each have a piece of the puzzle. If we all shared our pieces, we would finally be able to see the big picture.

  2. well can it be a bit of both? I don’t know how (even this late into my life..LOL) it is that things happen to me without HIM having a hand in it, even if it is to teach me a SHITTY lesson. Then there are the other people, events that leave me in quiet admiration of how HIS hands work to bring those things into my life at THAT TIME, for THAT season, for that LESSON (non shitty). I do believe in Fate, I do believe that sometimes are predestined for us and that things will happen when they should, (and my belief is that HE has decided that..for whatever His reasons are).

    I have a book called Jesus in Blue Jeans, it sits in the nightstand next to my bed, I bought it during a year in my life (29 into 30) when I was just floundering with who I was and what my life would look like and everyday I would think of something that was bothering me and just open the book, I still do that now , every once in a while, to say “what is it that I should be learning from this?” “what is the message of this good or bad stuff?”

    but yes, My book, your book , we’re writing it every single day…those words are precious.

    • I’ve no idea if it could be both – as I mentioned, I’m pretty much stealing from smarter peoples, none of whom will conference a call with me =)

      I do know though, that you and I will keep writing, and here’s to both of our stories having happy endings!

  3. I’m flattered that you assign me a British accent.
    Cool idea you’ve got there; I would never have thought of it this way round – us the writer, God the editor. If anything, I would have thought of it as God the writer, us trying to read and figure it out. I like your idea a lot better.
    That time line thing of Lewis’, I have a vague idea that it’s in the Narnia stories somewhere (among other places). Probably “Last Battle”.

    • Thanks =) I used to think in a similar vein, but then I decided that it wouldn’t be very much in for Him to just keep writing all these stories (it would be very much like us reading only our own blog), so the the authorship must lie elsewhere.

      And your more than welcome for the accent. Feel free to use anytime you’d like.

  4. I’m not a believer in predestinaiton, and in fact believe any such thing makes any deity quite sadistic, given the outcomes we see. We create our path. As with anything, our weaknesses tend to be where we have issues. Wind flows from high to low pressure, and perhaps some things go after our weaknesses, either to our failing or to our betterment. We choose which one to embrace.

  5. I came here from Renee’s. I am British so you can read with a Brit accent. :) So… predestination, argument for: if the laws of physics are accurate, at the beginning of time (BigBang) all the particles had set locations, speeds and trajectories. If this is so, then we must assume that all the interactions after that event are simply the laws of physics played out. If I throw a ball in the air physics, not fate, brings it back to the ground. Ergo, everything that happens is preordained TO happen. What then of ‘free will’? Is that an illusion? What of elementary particles spontaneously coming into physical reality? Do they interfere with all of those preordained trajectories? If so, do they just ADD to the mix. At the end of the day reality IS how we choose it to be. I choose to create my own whether I actually am, or not. :)

    • Thanks Stuart,

      I’m glad to hear that at least one you actually has a British accent, and I’m thrilled that you took the time to respond. There’s a lot to chew on in what you said.

  6. I believe God gives us the tools to make wise choices. Sometimes we will take the right path and other days we will fall onto the wrong path. It’s with learning from our mistakes that we can move forward to a good life.

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