If I had to do it all over again…

I would still be the same me. In the same time. Facing the same issues. With the same experience and knowledge. The same fears and shortcomings.

I would still see life as I do. I would still react as I’m currently prone to. I would still stumble/get back up/brush myself off/stumble again, in very much the same way as I do now.

So, if I had to do it all over again,

I would do it again, in exactly the same way that I did it the first time.


24 thoughts on “If.

  1. What is that saying, if everyone brought their life to the table and laid it out for all to see, after close inspection we would walk away with what we came with. Okay so it should read problems but I am taking artistic license. :D

  2. that is something I often wonder about, what would I do with the knowledge I have now..if I could go back, take a Mulligan…
    I think I would do some things over, I would know my worth and not let anyone make me feel like I was less than I was, but the kindness, the love and care I gave away, the times I offered my heart with nothing more than FAITH in that giving, I’d do that all again. For sure.

    I love the person you are t, past, present and future.

  3. Yup, me too. I wish I had done some things differently, but I did them because of who I was then. If I went back, I’d be that person again, wouldn’t I? And that person is who made me into who I am now.

  4. A knee jerk reaction would be to say “I’d do it different.” The reality is we are WHO we are because of the stuff that happened. Changing that stuff would change who you are.

  5. t- your post could not have come at a better time! I’m at the apple store reading your blog, since I forgot my laptop at home (still Thanksgiving traveling) and I have been recently taking a personal account and with much thought, I might change a thing or two but over all….quite pleased!

  6. Agreed. Even the bad choices are important (often the most important) to getting you to where you are today. Very existential & generally philosophical of you today. :)

    BTW, where on Earth did you ever come across the Enz ?? :D

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