My take on the political landscape in exactly 100 words.

Here’s this weeks 100 Word Song.

And here is the most random factoid that WP has ever decided I need to know:

Thank you BYB and the rest of oHIo for turning the tide. Today is a lot brighter as a result of the choice you made last night.


14 thoughts on “Briefly…

  1. Don’t give me credit…the republicans did it all by themselves. Sadly I think we all are losers no matter who won. With Obama I fear socialism, with Romney I feared going back to coat hanger abortions and denying human social rights to all American citizens. Sadly this was our choices!

    • Don’t get me wrong, I’m no flag-waving Obama fan either. But I like the fact that with him in, my two best friends have a better chance of staying married under the law, you know?

      • t-that is my post for tomorrow…choosing between who we feared less….I don’t even think gay marriages is a social issue just like heterosexual marriages. It just is and considering heterosexuals fail at marriage 50% of the time…I think the republicans shouldn’t be so arrogant!

        • Honestly, I feel as if both parties are just different sides to the same bum coin. Both each married to their dogma to the point where they can’t agree with each other, even on subjects they normally would otherwise.

          This is why I typically stay non-political, as I suck so much at understanding any of it.

  2. Dude. I was up until 1am flipping between CNN and PBS (and reading Twitter updates on the bloopers at Fox). And I’m not American, as you well know. The thing is, a conservative American President like Mitt Romney would make it easier for a conservative Canadian Prime Minister like Stephen Harper to repeal such long-time Canadian rights and freedoms as free universal public health care, and the right to marry whomever you want, regardless of gender, as long as both parties have reached age of consent. Among other things. Romney and Harper are both about excluding from privilege people who don’t look, act or earn like them, and Canadian policy makers have long used both American and British rulings as precedent for constitutional revision. So in Western nations like mine (and yours) where the black, Hispanic, Asian, bi-racial, multi-ethnic and LGBT community will very soon compose more than half of the voting population, those of us who don’t look like Mitt are breathing a massive sigh of relief.

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