Don’t Blink!

“Oh, somewhere deep inside of these bones, an emptiness began to grow.”

~ Jack Skellington

By the time the sun sets on my house tonight, I will be living with one Sand Man, one Mafia Wife, one Princess (pronounced “pin-cess”), one Robot Pirate and a Weeping Angel, of Doctor Who fame. While the older creatures will be off on their merry way with friends, the younger two will be carted from house to house, meaning that I will once again have to dust off my infamous “Grumpy Dad” costume for another year.

Per my youngest, “it’s not really a costume, you know. You just dress like normal.”

“Ah” says I, “But I look mopey the whole time.”

“Yeah,” says he, “like normal.”

Why am I telling you all this? Well, first off, because I don’t really care for Halloween. Sorry to all my Gothic friends, but ghouls and vampires really don’t do much for me. Walking outdoors in the frigid cold doesn’t either. Especially when you’re doing so, simply to obtain candy that you could have easily just have purchased from a store without all the fanfare and hoopty-doo.

Secondly I’m telling you because, while I’m not a fan myself, the ones I love are. As such, I diligently keep my Grumpy Dad costume in good order, just so I can share in the joy with them. It’s during these frigid cold walks that our conversations turn to talk of Thanksgiving, and – that Big Daddy holiday of them all – Christmas. In short, it’s the harkening bells of Halloween that makes us realize the onset of, and brings us together for, the holiday season.

I don’t want to be like Jack. I don’t want to become “empty” to the joy of seeing others happy. The years swim by too swiftly, and I know that it won’t be too long before I’ll be exchanging my Grumpy Dad costume for a Grumpy Grandpa model (I think it’s basically the same, but the Grandpa version comes with a cardigan.) As such, I’m going to keep my eyes peeled, and my mind attentive to the rush of joy that surrounds me tonight.

I hope you all enjoy your Halloween as well. I hope you all are able to soak in every minute of it. I hope that you can enjoy this time, because this time will be over almost before it’s begun. Why, it moves so quickly in fact, that my Weeping Angel son may even be tempted to point a quantum-locked finger at you while admonishing, “Don’t blink!”

Well, OK. As a Whovian, he pretty much says that on a daily basis anyway.

“I’ve never felt so good before. This empty place inside of me is filling up. I simply cannot get enough”

~ Jack Skellington

14 thoughts on “Don’t Blink!

  1. You’re a man after my own heart. I don’t like Halloween much, either. My grumpy-mom number goes usually along the lines of “Why do I have to be the one to make sure everyone has costumes, buy the candy, and supply the pumpkins, when I don’t even LIKE this bloomin’ holiday?”

    • I’d be willing to bet that if you made them do all the work, their opinion of the holiday would quickly come into line with your own =)

  2. Stay warm and happy. You are very right, the time goes by quickly. After the kids are all grown and you look back, you’ll wonder why you ever wore the grumpy dad costume. You’ll wish for those cold walks. And the talks. I know I do. It’s so funny you posted Jack’s Lament. I’m posting Sally’s Song today. I think I might have to add a memory to my post first though. Your post made me a little nostalgic.

  3. Another great post. My boys loved Halloween, picking out just the right costume. Mom liked the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

    A wonderful little video. I’ve never seen the movie, but should remedy that.

    Your kids are very blessed.

  4. Great posting…makes me feel a whole heck of a lot better I’m not the only one that wants to jump out of the front lawn bushes and scream….buy your own candy! Now Thanksgiving is MY holiday…

  5. I haven’t cared about Hallowe’en either but I tag along with the kiddies because the grandkids want to include me. Their mom isn’t enough of a pose, I guess but it’s sweet they think of me. Nice posts.

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