What k~ said

This was in response to my rather dispirited and tepid post Friday from one of my blog mentors, k~:

“The only rules I understand are those I choose to follow, those I choose to break, and those I choose to make.

Frustration is built when we are outside of the control tower and want to be inside. What if death were an open door to a vacation with a side dish of a promotion to another type of job? What if death was a positive transition, rather than a hellish nightmare?

My maternal grandmother sat down with me during the summer of my 12th year, while I was staying with her, and told me that she was going to die. My first response was shock. I told her she couldn’t tell me that, and that I didn’t want it to be true. She looked me in the eye, in a way I had never seen her do before and said, “I’ve earned my right to die, and I don’t want you crying for me, I will be in a much better place than you are now.” The conversation that followed led me through places in my mind and heart I never thought of treading. That was in August, in February she died. She changed my perspective on death, though it didn’t happen quickly. I learned to think of what comes next as a privileged, earned place, rather than a punishment. It is hardest on those left behind, and it is for that selfish longing to have them close that I shed my tears, then smile, as I begin to understand they are never very far away, if I have loved them even for a short while.”

The power of words.

I used mine to bring others down. She in turn then went ahead and used hers only to bring me up. Thanks k~.


I’m pretty sure I’ve used this song before. I don’t care, I’m using it again. Because it’s damned good, because k~’s right.

8 thoughts on “What k~ said

  1. You really touched me t. I am glad that it “brought you up” when you were feeling low. This is a great song, and if you did play it before, I am glad you did it again… I had never heard of “The Style Council” before today.

    • But only as a result of your touching me first. Thank you.

      Oh, and please do seek out more of The Style Council! They were so smart and adventurous musically speaking, and Paul Weller tried his best to make every lyric count. I think they would be right up your alley. Please let me know if I’m correct.

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