I was upset with my phone this morning, as the song prompt it was playing kept gagging. But then I realized: my phone was playing a song prompt.

It wasn’t tethered to the kitchen wall nor adorned with a clunky roto-dial. No, it sat comfortably in my passenger seat as it played a video (no worries, I only listened) of this weeks prompt for the 100 Word Song challenge.

Speaking of, here’s this weeks 100 Word Song.

And don’t forget, you can grab the whole mess of it here.

Isn’t it odd, as times change and technology expands – instead of looking on in wonder, I’m more prone to become frustrated over the “brave new world’s” perceived inadequacies. Instead of relishing in the fact that my phone even plays music, I become frustrated that it can’t do so correctly.

11 thoughts on “Briefly…

  1. i was watching the Christopher Reeve Superman movie last night with my kids… there’s that scene where Lois Lane is hanging from the crashed helicopter, and he needs to change into Superman, pronto! and he walks to a phone booth, which isn’t a phone BOOTH, it’s one of those half-high phone station thingies on a pole that you might still see around today here or there. and THAT was evidence of technology advancing, in 1978 :)

  2. A friend of mine said that we live in a society whose impatience is paramount; when a person can stand in front of a microwave saying “Hurry up!” to the food that takes two minutes to cook.

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