Briefly… The Fay Moore Song Prompt edition

You knew it was coming. You heard the wind slapping itself madly against the window of your mind. The memories, now turning crimson and gold, now in the wind, dead, now gone, trampled under foot.

You knew it was coming, because you’d seen it before. “Not me,” you said, just like all the others, the “not-meers” who came before you, all of whom disintegrated in the final scene.

Your sun burnt hands begin to shiver as the cold sets in. Your sun burnt hands… are they yours? Are they someone else’s? The memories drift farther away as your mind recedes into it’s own dark closet, the black hole that is slowly eating It’s way outward.

The winter song becomes louder, blaring its rickety tune. It’s calling for you now, you know. One last memory before you heed its call – leaves, drifting by the window, leaves tumbling, red and gold…


My Blogging Buddy Fay Moore was nice enough to use my suggestion for one of her ongoing song prompts. In a rare example of not being a total and utter douche (and because she usually otherwise uses songs that far exceed my ability to play along), I decided to throw in my two cents on the matter this time. I was about a sentence in when I realized that instead of the love lost I thought I would be writing about, my 150 words (I’ve no idea – 150 just sounded about right) would be instead about the good people in my life who I’ve seen fight, suffer with, and die from Alzheimers disease. You knew me without ever knowing me, but this is for you, Jack.

Now, here’s Keely and Louis, performing the bestest version of “Autumn Leaves” that has ever been slapped down on wax:

10 thoughts on “Briefly… The Fay Moore Song Prompt edition

  1. I think I am fearful of this most, that I will forget..people I love, MOMENTS that are so much a part of my life that they are me.
    you could say, “well you won’t remember” but I think that is why I hang on to the things I have as part of me now, those little moments that define my life because I wonder and worry about losing them.

    this was so beautiful, so telling in it’s simplicity, your words are just as glorious and colorful as the autumn leaves they speak of.

    • Thanks so much Kir – and not to bum you out, but just imagine all the things we’ve possibly already forgotten. That’s what (well, one of many) keeps me up at night.

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