Ghosts found while sifting through my phone’s camera

They are both ghosts now.

He, because he stopped living. And she, because she continued to grow.


23 thoughts on “Ghosts found while sifting through my phone’s camera

  1. oh t, how I wish I could banish the ghosts or make them NOT hurt when they come around. I know that a picture like this brings a ghost of a smile, admist the tears falling. I know what it feels like to lose a dad, a parent, a link to the person you are …and so my heart aches for you as you navigate these” firsts”after the losing.

    thinking of you.

  2. I don’t know if my first comment came through or went to spam…but I was telling you that my heart was aching with yours during these “firsts” after the losing.

    the bittersweet, the ghost of a smile amid the tears falling as you find these pictures. Your friends, your “tribe” ..we’re here and holding you in our hearts as you navigate these memories.


    • Thanks Kir =) As I told you previously, I just kinda wish he could be here now, only because I think he’d be impressed with our latest “endeavor.”

    • Thank you. And I just happened to be laying on the floor with my youngest, when I took it. Perhaps somewhere deep in my soul, I knew that I would need it at some point in time?

      • I think we know much more than we are aware of, everyday, all of the time. I do my best to listen to the Universe, so that the magick of the moment can be enjoyed at the time, and in this case, replayed later.

    • Well said, and very true! As time passes, it does become sweeter. As time passes, I learn that it really is over now, but at least it at one time it was.

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