Briefly… Friday edition.

Sorry to bust in on you again like this, on an otherwise gorgeous, “lay about n’ do nothing” Friday, but I would like to take a moment of your time to ask you for some help.

Clicking on the link embedded in the above image will take you to a donation site for a friend of mine who is currently battling cancer. His coworkers and friends have come together to try and help his family financially, and I would ask that – if you could – you help by joining in the fight.

Personally speaking, I’ve had just about enough of Big Daddy Cancer this year, and I would be thrilled if we could all work together to punch it square in the jaw at least this once.

Thanks for hearing me out, and thanks in advance for your help kids.

And no, I won’t leave ya hanging without a tune – Got Some? Yeah, it’s a “Got Some” sort of day…

4 thoughts on “Briefly… Friday edition.

  1. Hi, T.

    I’ll help more when I can, but for now I’ve just tweeted your post. I agree, it would be wonderful if we could kick cancer’s ass sooner rather than later.

    Take care,


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