Although today is a very bad day for a wholly other reason, one that might be discussed later, this also did happen:

Sorry Teresa, but apparently WP doesn’t count “email followers.” A pure bunk move, if you ask me, for the accurate count of you who follow is actually 101. On the plus side, this now allows me to tap into some Depeche Mode at the end of this post (Marian claps her hands in anticipation), so at least there’s that.

Anywho, I just wanted to say thank you to all 101 of you. I know you don’t have to follow me, and I’m sure that quite often you find yourself asking why you did in the first place. No one could blame you if you did.

So, I’m sorry to bother you again today, and I’ll get out of your hair shortly. But again, I did want to thank you guys for being part of my blogging family – my tribe – I appreciate your willingness to join me on my ride. It continues to be a total pleasure.



15 thoughts on “101

  1. Honey congrats you deserve so many more. And you will get them. Any reason to play a Depeche Mode is reason to celebrate. They’re one of my favorites. Takes me back to my youth. :-) have a good weekend sweetie.

  2. YAY!!! I actually follow by EMAIL but I’m proud ot be one of 101 …for sure. So glad I found your blog t!
    Happy Friday

  3. Congratulations! May your hits reflect the number of followers :) (ours don’t!)
    We do get a count for email subscribers on WP, but do you mean that those who read from the email don’t count as hits? Because I suspect that’s the case. It’s still very mysterious.

    • Thank you, and rest assured, my hits are in the same boat as yours =]

      As to “email followers,” I mean those who don’t have a WP account, but have still signed up via my “folllow me” option.

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