I’m beginning to think that “Freshly Pressed” is a lie. A ruse even.

Here’s this weeks 100 Word Song… you in, Jaxqi?

And, assuming you’re a Whovian, here’s a little something to blow your mind. If for some unknown reason you find yourself not being a Whovian, then seek help. Call the Doctor.

4 thoughts on “Briefly…

  1. Oh t, you should be on Pinterest. I know it’s not the manly place to be found, but the Whoverse is abundant there. Your Dr of choice has been hitting my Pin feed mercilessly for the past week and a half. Oh so witty, and pretty and wise… I have to admit to having pinned quite a few for myself. :D

    • Oh, there’s so many to choose from now (and no worries, I’ve never been confused with anything remotely like “manly”) – Ria has been trying to get me on the Twitter train as well – I just can’t keep up!

  2. Sheesh I’m useless!. Clearly my brain isn’t in, although my heart is. I can’t say I’m a Whovian…I found Dr Who a little scary….I don’t mind that new cutie cute Dr though….is it OK to call him?

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