No, not here…


That’s right, today’s post is actually living over at Cam’s place. You see both Kir and Cam cajoled me into writing some fiction that didn’t involve dead people, evil dead people, creepy living people who see dead people, and/or the burdened spouses of dead people. In short, they tricked me into writing something good.

Please take a stroll over, but make sure you come back, letting me know how you liked it.

Assuming you liked it.

And assuming you can tell me without using swears.

OK, fine. You can go ahead and use swears.

Happy Friday!

8 thoughts on “No, not here…

  1. I can’t swear here?? Then why did I come over???
    thanks for taking the story and making it AMAZING. So glad you are now part of “the story circle I wrote for”….sometimes I make good choices. ;)

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