If you had asked the younger me if I would ever include a Dave Matthews Band song on a blog post of mine, my immediate and rather indignant answer to you would be “what in the HELL is a blog post?”

Here’s this week’s 100 Word Song.

And here’s a picture of Dave Matthews before HE knew what a blog post was either.

9 thoughts on “Briefly…

  1. I love his style. The lyrics are never boring, always tell some type of story, and the music melds it into another dimension. Yep, I like that Mathews character.

    • I must say, though I’ve never owned any of their albums, I have a real respect for their style and story telling ability. That, plus it’s always cool when a guy suffering from male pattern baldness is seen as sexy =)

  2. Oh no!!! I just posted a comment as my work blog identity!!! The comment about the ‘ 100 word song for dumbarses was posted in fact by me – saucy aussie! Talk about a dumbarse – I rest my case your honour!

    • Hahaha! Did you want me to approve your “other” identity’s post as well? Let me know if you’d like me to, and tomorrow I’ll get you all hooked up with the 100 Word Song links, Saucie =]

        • OK, here’s the link to the 100 Word Source – check in with Lance every week on Tuesday night to catch the new tune, slap together 100 words (swears allowed) and click on the Mr. Linky logo under the song to upload your post. Easy as pie! Assuming pie includes keyboards, that is. I hope to see you throw in your 2 saucy cents next week!

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