8/8 as long as we’re driving…

Occurring en route to KFC with my youngest, who was at that moment joyfully snapping away (oddly enough) to Bobby Darin’s “As Long As I’m Singing”, the conversation went a little something like this…

So, do you actually like Bobby Darin?


All his stuff?


Now, is this just because i like him?

“No, I like him too”

So what’s your favorite BD song then?

“OH MY GOD daddy!  How could you forget my favorite BD song is ‘Artificial Flowers’???”

SORRY, i just forgot! It happens you know – say – what’s MY favorite BD tune?

(smile slowly creeping across his face) “Ummm, I don’t remember…hahahahahaha!”

See?!? Hahaha!

So, is there any kind of music you DON’T like?

“Not really. I don’t like all the new stuff though.”


“It’s all fake now-a-days. No real talent. You can tell it has a lot more machines making it than people. Besides, all of it is offensive and, you know, creepy”

Creepy how?

“Creepy like they say things that shouldn’t be said. Things that are disrepectful and hurtful. Things that are ignorant. No one wants to tell good stories anymore – they just sing about sex and money and getting drunk.”

In robotic voices…

“Yeah, like robots.”

You’re pretty well versed about music (and thinking to myself, life) for an 11 year old, you know that, right?

“Duh daddy! I’ve grown up with you like, my WHOLE life! And you’ve always had music playing. The stuff from all your binders and from your record collection. Of course I know about music and that’s why I like Bobby Darin.”

So, i’m kinda like a good influence then is what you’re saying?

(the same smile, creeping back across his face on more time) “You’ve got a lot of music is what I’m saying…”

just some of "the binders"

2 thoughts on “8/8 as long as we’re driving…

  1. what is in there? is it safe to ask? (how do they stay clean) blink
    frown contemplate
    ignore (and smile) (and maybe close the door) –no no don’t let him hear you chortling…dammit

    • Dear, there is EVERYTHING in there! From Liberace to The Exploited. From Judas Priest to Jim Reeves. From Gregorian to Techno. It’s all welcome in the house of t – sometimes even the “new stuff…” =)

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