Now why’d you have to go and do that Liza?

Up until the point where you decided to perform “Imagine”, i was enjoying the concert so – i didn’t even mind the backup singers you introduced at the midway mark to help you out (well, i minded them a little). But with one song, you turned an otherwise enjoyable listen into one that had just one seed of remorse. One bad turn.

True Liza, there were a couple of clunkers in your “men” medley as well, but i’m choosing to ignore them – for both your sake and mine (trust me, i’ve danced to “It’s raining men” – with abandon – quite a number of times). Only “Imagine” sticks out as wrong, as “off” and in general it provides a “where in the hell did we just go?” feeling.

Now, most people may feel that having only one bad call in an entire body of work is much better than having many, but i disagree. To my mind, it would almost be better if the entire show was terrible – at least then you’d know why you had that bad taste in your mouth as you left. See, when one to two choices are bad, and the remainder of the show is good-to great, i always feel bad for the performer (a feeling similar to watching your child fall off a bike). If the entire show is rotten, then i only feel bad for myself (usually the audience shows gratitude regardless, so i’m never quite sure if they share my belief as to the rottenness of the show we just saw together).

Obviously, it’s quite easy for me – a no-talent no-one, to make comments like these, and Liza may very well have had a very valid reason for the inclusion of this tune in particular. But when the remainder of the show is filled with the kind of stuff that made Ethel Merman fat and happy, it seems to not only not work – but also hurt the original song as well.

i really don’t mean to hurt you Liza, and i really did enjoy all the rest of the performance. i do hope however, that should you read this, you keep in mind next time to stick to what you’re good at. And thanks – because through your ill-fit choice, i’m reminded to do the same.


That's my two cents. Now, tell me what you think...

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