Hearing music for the first time is always an adventure.

You may end up not liking it, but it can always be fun to hear a new way of looking at life, or a new beat with which to dance through it. It’s amazing to me how music is basically all the same and yet so different. By how just one little change in tempo or beat can result in an entirely new creation.

The only thing that can diminish the joy of hearing new sounds is when you realize that the songs being listened to were “new” many years ago – when you were a much younger, more relevant, person. Similar to the feeling you get after your first good sexual experience – one where you think to yourself “now, I wish I had known about THAT before!” – hearing an album that you never heard as a youngster can make you think about how much time you could have enjoyed it, but didn’t. Of how many years you and your friends could have dissected it, memorized it, assigned the songs in order of superiority and gone to see the band perform it live (and become upset when they simply REFUSED to play what you KNEW was the best track on the entire album).

Of course, your t-shirt purchased at this concert would surely be old enough by now to be worn with pride. Confident in the knowledge that no one in the shopping mall you happened to be wearing it at even knew who the band is. Except for the cool people, of course.

Of course, those of you who don’t care a wit about music won’t get it. But for my part when an experience like this occurs, i also invariably think back to where i was, who i was, and (most importantly) what i was wearing around the time the new-found album came out. So in short – and i’m not sure how or why this works – hearing an old album for the first time helps me to remember a time when i never knew it existed.

Strange, no?


That's my two cents. Now, tell me what you think...

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