The new Peter Murphy album isn’t as good as it should be. And that’s almost a bigger shame than when an album is just outright bad.

It’s not like his talent has decreased, but this time ’round he chose a style that was far too “heavy” for him – full of the type of bravado you typically expect from a much younger man – and yes – Mr. Murphy is several years past being a “younger man”. Don’t get me wrong, there are several tracks that are rather good, but nothing that seems to “stick” (or as my wife stated, “if this was anyone else besides Peter Murphy, you’d have turned it off by now”).

So why would it be so important to have “age appropriate” material? i mean, i still walk around in a Clash t-shirt and Chuck Taylor’s during my off hours and don’t feel that it makes me look odd or  in any sort of denial about my age – so why should it matter if an older man wants to play a younger man’s sound?

Well in part, i feel that by doing so the older man appears to be trying very hard to “keep up” with the younger man, but he is trying to keep up with a time and place he has already been. He also is forced to throw away that lifetime of experience, knowledge and wisdom in order to achieve the younger mans sound. In short – he’s selling himself short.

Understanding this is only one small example, it does cause me to wonder: when the older start looking back and imitating the young, then who do the young have to imitate and look up to?

i hope Peter Murphy’s next album is age appropriate. i hope it’s filled with the wisdom of his age. i hope it’s better.

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