So what daddy? I’m proud of my nerdiness.

This from my 1o year old son, after I had called him a nerd.

“Why’d you call him a nerd?

Well, because he likes things like Dr. Who, Star Wars, Godzilla AND legos. And i mean he really LIKES these things. Half of our supper can easily be stolen away from us listening to him describe how the original Cybermen would be no match for the newer versions of the same. He even entered his lego creation into a TARDIS competition – it was really quite impressive.

“So? Why’d you call him a nerd?”

Well, because i was playing with him, and well, because a good portion of the things on his list, he picked up from me in the first place.


And, well, i thought it was just going to be funny… i mean, it was.

“But only after…”

After what?

“After he made it funny, with his comment.”

I suppose… but we were just playing. Just good fun.

“But how many times while you were growing up was your dad ‘just playing’ – only you didn’t think it was very fun at all?”


“Exactly. So maybe you should think a little bit next time, because your ‘just playing’ might not be perceived as such by a boy of 10 years. A boy who is on his way, but still not totally sure of himself. A boy, who might in fact, even see it as hurtful. You think?”

i think.

“Good, then prove it next time. OK?  Now, go out – play n’ have some fun!”

2 thoughts on “6/8

  1. Z still covets his lego tardis. I committed the sin of using it as a curtain holder when I opened the window and the wind grabbed ahold of the curtains and (insert shame here) (long pause for extended shame belittlement and punitive measures)
    the lego tardis was hurled onto the floor and yes, it smashed.

    It is repaired in what I have been told is a less than was its originally perfect form. He reminds me every time he opens the window YEARS LATER.

    • While I am glad that I am not alone in failing to see the importance of my son’s world, I’m sorry that you had to experience something similar – and are reminded of it “YEARS LATER…” =)

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