They’ve come.

Always in pairs, and always to the right-hand side of the front door, they’ve come. Adriondack-style  chairs. Sometimes wood, but most often plastic – and almost always the oversized variety – this phenomenon  seems to have become the next “big thing”, in my neighborhood at least.

i’ve noticed in part because we take a walk almost every single night that i don’t have school (weather permitting and sometimes, not). And on almost every single one of those walks, i find at least a couple of more pair that seem to have simply dropped out of the sky. Landing always to the right-hand side of the front door.

Another reason i’ve noticed them is because every single set i’ve noticed, every single time i’ve noticed them, are empty. Most decidedly empty. Never once have i ever seen these chairs being used in any fashion, let alone being sat upon. Not ever. (well, once i did actually see a nice couple reclining in theirs – even said “hello” to us – but that kind of info would work against the otherwise bleak tone of my note, so we’ll just ignore it and move on, shall we?)

What does all this mean? Other than the fact that the folks who make these Adriondack-style  chairs are doing pretty well for themselves, i’m not sure really.

But it does get me to thinking – what is it about our National DNA that causes us to have so many “things” we never use? I mean, it’s not just the chairs that are empty and unused, but the entire front lawn as well – and based on how quiet our walks are, i would assume the backyards as well (and no, i never have gathered up the nerve to actually look over fences in an effort to validate my theory).

If we don’t use it, i could assume it means we don’t need it. And if we don’t need it, why are we still hanging on to it? Isn’t there someone else who may be in need? Aren’t there better things to invest our money into than token items that will serve no real purpose other to simply “adorn” our lives and add to our social “property value”?

i know, that’s reading a lot into a bunch of unused, mostly plastic, Adriondack-style  chairs. And as before, i’m not sure what the answer is. i’m not even sure if it needs to be asked (but feel pretty strongly that it does). i am sure, however, that if i notice the unused chairs – the animals that live in our neighborhood do as well. i hope at least they’ll make use of them.

That's my two cents. Now, tell me what you think...

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