i have to tell you, there is another blog.

i swear i’m not cheating on you, and you’re just as important a blog to me as the other one, but i did want you to know straightaway that i won’t be able to spend all my time with you.

The “other” blog was created as an effort for me to etch out my feelings about my dad’s new-found lung cancer. And while it seems to be working pretty well, i’ve discovered that i have a lot more issues right beneath the surface than that (and by “discovered” i mean “known all along”) – and i’ve got to tell you – this other blog is somewhat of a bitch about not allowing me to post anything not directly related to dad.

So, here we both are – you n’ me. i hope you won’t be jealous of the other blog, and i feel i should tell you, you have a MUCH cooler background Theme…